Oct 012013

This month I used up a lot of products. Going through my empties basket, I realized I should have taken notes or started this post during the month because there are a few things I really had to dig to remember.

Sept empties basket

The Good
These are products that I liked.

Sept empties 8 Sept empties 5 Sept empties 9

H20+ Aquafirm & Micro-Collagen MoisturizerFull rave review here. I would love to buy more to replace this.
Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub – Came in my August ipsy bag. This was a gentle scrub in a crazy black colour. I found it gentle enough to use every other day and never had any redness or sensitivity afterward.
Pretty Yummy Lean-in Conditioner in Apricot Mango – I didn’t notice much conditioning effect, but as a detangler, this is great. The scent was subtly fruity. I’ve already replaced this with another scent.

Sept empties 2
Green Beauty Cosmetics Natural Mascara RemoverFull review here. I liked this product, but the shipping isn’t worth just buying this again.

Sept empties 6 Sept empties 11

Pretty Yummy Hand Lotion in Cotton Candy, Lilac Pearl and China Rain – More of my favourite local handmade lotion. The Cotton Candy was true to name and super sweet. Lilac Pearl was slightly sweeten lilac. Lilac is my favourite scent, and I wish this was a little stronger and truer smelling. China Rain was an odd smell that I had trouble placing – maybe slightly planty? I’m already using my next two scents, plus have a few in reserve.

The Mixed Emotions
The meh, or just okay products.
Sept empties 1
The masks I used this month. Full reviews are up for all three. I’m too lazy to find and link to them though.

Sept empties 3
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye GelsFull review here. Felt nice, but I didn’t see any results.
Hask Macademia Oil Hair Treatment – A nice big sample (enough for 3 uses), but it was no better than an average moisturizing conditioner.

Sept empties 12
Willow Tree Minerals Satin Foundation in Birch, Linen and Butter Pecan #2, and Flawless Tinted Veil – I didn’t see much difference in colour between any of these, plus I didn’t find it covered enough as a stand alone foundation. I mixed them together and used as a finishing powder over my BB cream. Worked pretty good this way, but I won’t bother buying again.

The Not So Good
I didn’t like these products and will definitely not rebuy.
Sept empties 4
Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat – I’m really going to throw this out. It dries quick, but smudges everything and is super thin. It also seems to make chipping worse than with no top coat. It’s not even worth trying to swap, because I can’t see how anyone would want it.

Sept empties 7
Aveeno Positively Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner – This shampoo dried my hair out really bad. The conditioner wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great either. It was just good enough to combat the shampoo. I used all the conditioner, and am throwing out the rest of the shampoo instead of putting it in the “just in case I run out” pile. There’s enough there already. I really think shampoo bottles should be half the size of conditioner, not the same or the other way round.

Sept empties 10
Pixi Lash Booster Mascara – This looked good when first applied. Volume, length and separation. But it didn’t last all day, maybe 3-4 hours. It suffered badly from eyelash eating disorder (meaning there was no product on my eyelashes at the end of day, and none on my skin either. Where did it go?). I used the whole sample, but won’t bother rebuying.
Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara – Ugh. Clumpy! Plus it suffered from eyelash eating disorder. I tried it twice and am throwing the rest out. Good thing it was only a small sample.

That’s all the products I used or ditched this month. Have you tried any of them? What did you finish?

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  1. I have the charcoal mask too, but only used it once. I forget to use scrubs cause of my Clarisonic.
    I finally tried that starfruit mask and wow that thing is small, LOL! I have a review on it, but I have such a backlog that it might appear in 3 weeks!
    I tried the Pixi mascara and had some raccoon eyes going on, but no vanishing. I needed waterproof eye makeup remove for it otherwise it would not budge. Have not tried the Elizabeth Moth one yet though, but I should this weekend or the next. Sucks that it’s clumpy though, ugh!

    • I was surprised at how gentle the charcoal scrub was. I kept beside my cleanser and switched between the two every day.

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