Jul 162014

When I had my recent Vancouver trip, I stopped at The Face Shop and picked up a bunch of Real Nature sheet face masks. Each one has a different main ingredient and purpose. It’s been super hot here lately, so I picked out the Lemon mask to try as it sounds refreshing.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Lemon

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Lemon

A brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract to brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence.

My expectation of all Korean sheet masks is that they will be hydrating and refreshing. I never really pay as much attention to the claims as I do other masks, although I’m not sure why.

This is a cloth face mask that has a lot of essence in it. It wasn’t dripping wet, but it was definitely saturated, and there was excess serum in the package after I removed the mask.

Real Nature Mask in Lemon selfie

This mask fit fairly well. I did find the eye holes spaced a little odd, but everything worked okay.

The scent of this mask was lemon, but it was more floor cleaner lemon than crisp fresh lemon. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t very nice.

When I removed the mask, there was quite a bit of serum left, but I patted it, and it absorbed slowly into my skin.

I found this mask cool and soothing while wearing it. After I removed it, my skin felt very hydrated. I had no after effects or reactions, so my expectation of a pampering and refreshing mask were met.

Buy again?: It might be due to my lower expectations of these types of masks, but I did enjoy it. There was nothing that stood out though, so I’d be just as likely to pick up a random other sheet mask as this one.

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  1. I haven’t tried the lemon yet, but the ones I have tried from The Face Shop have been really refreshing.

    • I have a few more because obviously I couldn’t buy just one. I’m hoping they’re all nice and refreshing.

  2. Love a good mask selfie 🙂 Glad you liked it and that you didn’t have any reactions to it!

  3. I love sheet masks just for the pampering aspect alone! 🙂

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