Aug 062014

This week has been all about fun in the sun, which translates to needing some cooling soothing relief on my face. Naturally, I turned to a sheet face mask for this. I picked out The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Bamboo from my stash as it’s described as both hydrating and refreshing.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Bamboo

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Bamboo

A hydrating & refreshing mask sheet containing bamboo extract to fill dehydrated skin with fresh hydration.

Hehe, the description amuses me as the word ‘hydrate’ appears 3 times in one short sentence.

Like the last Real Nature mask I tried, this is a cloth face mask that has a lot of essence in it. It wasn’t dripping wet, but it was definitely saturated, and there was excess serum in the package after I removed the mask.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Bamboo selfie

The eye holes in this mask seemed really high. If I pulled it down so they fit properly, my nose and mouth holes were in weird positions. It felt like this was meant for a really long face.

The scent of this mask was very subtle. There was a slight planty smell, but only if you really sniffed it.

I found this mask cool and soothing while wearing it. After I removed it, my skin felt very hydrated, and seemed a touch less red. I had no after effects or reactions, so this fit my desire for some after sun pampering.

Buy again?: It might be due to my lower expectations of these types of masks, but I did enjoy it. There was nothing that stood out though, so I’d be just as likely to pick up a random other sheet mask as this one.

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  1. I used one of these masks today and it was the first time I noticed how high the eye holes were! So weird!

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