Jan 282015

I recently shared my current skincare products for my face, so I thought I’d show what bath and body products I’ve been using too. I’ve got a good routine of body scrub, shower gel and body butter going on, with several options for each product. When I took my photos, I realized that my current selection is very one-branded with a lot of NSPA products.

Jan 2015 bath products - NSpa body scrub and shower gel

This is what my shower storage shelf looks like. Three body scrubs, three shower gels, with 5 of those products from NPA and one from The Body Shop.

Two of the products have been featured previously when I shared about the NSPA Cheeky Chocolate Cranberry Gift Set. I’ve been slowly continuing to use those products, and my thoughts are unchanged. I don’t find it smells like chocolate or cranberry at all, it’s more of a heavy orange scent. The body scrub is gentle, and the shower gel gives nice lather that isn’t drying.

The scent on the Uplifting Orange Blossom and Honey is exactly what it’s described as. It’s a bright citrus and sweet honey scent and is really warm and comforting. The body scrub is really watery, like to the point that it pours out as soon as you open the cap. It does have good grit and scrubbing power though. The shower gel is better as it’s more creamy and gives nice lather.

The Raspberry body scrub may be the best smelling product ever! Every time I use it, the word that comes to mind is juicy. The smell is strong fresh raspberries and is absolutely amazing! It fills my shower and is just so yummy. This is the grittiest of the 3 options I have open, although it’s not too harsh. I can definitely see rebuying this, and getting the shower gel too.

The last shower gel is The Body Shop Moroccan Argan Oil that I reviewed way back in August. It’s taking me a long time to use this up because the scent doesn’t grab me. It’s slightly nutty and is okay, but just isn’t my favourite.

Jan 2015 body butters - Nspa

Any time I shower or have a bath, body butter is an absolutely required step after.

Two of the NSPA body butters are very similar in feel: the Chocolate Cranberry and the Coconut. Both are creamy but thick and sink in really fast. The Coconut smells amazing, just like you would expect.

The Orange Blossom and Honey body butter was much thicker, almost the consistency of actual butter. It sank in just as fast as the other NSPA options though. The scent matches the bath products, but slightly stronger. It is absolutely delicious.

I’ve had the She Aromatherapy Body Souffle in Frangipani for almost a year. It’s a lighter texture and seems to coat then sink in slowly, which is not my favourite. I’d prefer to rub the product in, instead of having to wait for it. The scent is quite strong and pleasant, although I have no idea what frangipani is. I tend to use this occasionally, but reach for other options most of the time.

So those are the bath and body products in my current rotation. As you can see, I have quite a few NSPA products in use. I love most of them, and am so happy that I picked up the Orange Blossom and Honey scented products on Boxing Day when I couldn’t find any of the Christmas scents left. I actually won the Raspberry and Coconut products from Ivory Avenue, and love the introduction to their regular scents.

The NSPA brand is very accessible at Walmart, with most products around $7 each, with frequent 2 for $12 sales. I will definitely be picking up more in the future. Have you tried this brand yet?

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  1. I ADODOOOOOREEEEE the scrub and am almost out and that makes me sad. But considering how affordable it is, I think I’ll just pick another one up and use it as an excuse to try some of the other scents. I really adore NSPA and are so happy they’re in Canada. Sorry for the long, rambling comment: I may have too much caffeine in my blood stream.

    • The scrub is SO amazing. I’m totally planning on buying raspberry everything and coconut everything once I start to run low on options. I really love those scents.

  2. I really liked that coconut body butter from NSPA too, it was thick but somehow absorbed so quickly! Now I just want to take a bath 🙂

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