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I rarely wear foundation. Okay, I never wear foundation. I have started wearing BB cream occasionally this year, but I didn’t actually own any foundation until the Mary Kay Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundation appeared at my door.

Mary Kay Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundation

Mary Kay Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundation in Ivory 2

Since my experience with foundation is basically limited to the powder foundation I tried way back in high school, I was interested in how the Mary Kay Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundation would look and feel on my skin. I have combo skin that gets oily easily, and one reason I’ve avoided foundation is that I’m afraid it will make me break out. That and the whole colour matching issue. But I’ve noticed a marked difference in photos when I’m wearing BB cream and when I’m not, so I figured it was worth trying.

The packaging on the foundation is very minimal, like most Mary Kay products. It’s intentional as the products fit into a variety of customizable palettes. I personally like the original packaging as it’s slim and easy to store.

Mary Kay Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundation

I tried applying this foundation using a couple different methods to see which worked the best. Using a brush didn’t seem to work at all. I couldn’t get the brush to pick up the product well, whether I used a flat brush or a stippling brush. It did apply okay with my fingers, but I don’t really like doing it that way. I had the best success with a sponge (my knockoff beauty blender actually). It applied easily and smoothly and seemed to almost melt into my skin.

In terms of colour matching, the foundation has 16 colour options. I have fairly light skin, but I wasn’t sure if I would need Ivory 1 or Ivory 2 as the photos made Ivory 1 looked more warm toned and Ivory 2 more cool toned. For this reason, I received Ivory 2 to try.

Mary Kay foundation half face swatch

Mary Kay foundation half face swatch – can you guess which side has the product?

Does Ivory 2 look like a good colour match to you? I think so. I will say, it was really weird to apply foundation to one side of my face and then stop for photos.

As you can see, it evens out the slight redness I have around my nose and forehead, and has covered a few small spots on my chin. My under eye circles are partially covered, which is the most I ever hope for as they are just so dark. I also noticed a blurring and hiding of my pores, which is greatly appreciated.

Mary Kay foundation finished look

Well that’s more like it. My makeup is fully done, and I really like the way the Mary Kay foundation looks on my skin, in person and in photos. For rarely wearing foundation, I wasn’t sure I would like the coverage level this provides, but it feels like a nice treat. I won’t wear it all the time, but I do feel more polished with it on. I also find that it helps my blush last longer, which is a nice side benefit.

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  1. I know you’re a foundation skeptic so seeing that you liked this and how nice it looks on you is definitely motivating me to try it out! 🙂 that final photo is gorgeous too, love your makeup!

  2. Foundation is one of those things (for me) that feels nice to play with, but man is it ever a goddamn hassle if you want to wear it daily (which I definitely do not!). That being said, this worked out wonderfully on your skin – I think the colour match is fantastic and in the pictures it looks quite natural.

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