Mar 112015

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love Body Shop products, so when they introduced their new Smoky Poppy scent, I had to try my favourite trio: Shower Gel, Body Scrub and Body Butter.

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy products

When I first saw the scent, I couldn’t imagine what smoky poppy would smell like, mainly because I have no idea what poppies smell like. I think my only poppy experience is the plastic pins for Remembrance Day and poppy seeds on my bagel.

As soon as I smelled the products, it made sense. It really does smell like a smoky floral, and is quite sexy and sultry, while also being a bit gender neutral. It’s really hard to explain, but it is a really lovely scent.

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy products

I tend to use products in the same order, so here’s my review in usage order:

The body scrub is a creamy white base with poppies seeds strewn about. You know how poppy seeds get everywhere when you cook with them? Apparently it’s the same thing when you wash with them. Those seeds are everywhere in my shower, even when I try to wash them all away, I still find them popping up. They do provide a decent scrub though, with only a mild scent.

The shower gel was a serious surprise. Looking at the white products in the other tubs, I expected the shower gel to be white. Or maybe red for floral. Nope! It’s black! It was quite surprising to say the least. But it has a lovely smell that is mid-strength, and gives lots of soft lather.

I always slather myself in body butter after a shower, and this one is a very creamy formula. I find I need to use less than other Body Shop varieties to get the same coverage. This product has the strongest smell of the three, and lasts for a few hours.

My husband is torn on whether he likes the scent, but I know I do quite a bit. It’s unexpected and a lot more sultry than my usual scents, which makes for a nice change.

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  1. haha! love the comparison with the scrub, sadly the case… 🙁 this is a very sultry scent!

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