May 062015

Do you like getting surprises? I do. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy subscription boxes, and why I find it hard to resist mystery packs. So when I had ordered some brushes from Born Pretty back in March, I added a 3 item mystery pack to my order.

Born Pretty Cosmetic Lucky Bag Secret Gift Pack

I purchased the $2.99/3 Items Born Pretty Cosmetic Lucky Bag Secret Gift Pack! and received a small angled brush, an orange lipstick, and a 6 shade eyeshadow palette.

Since I was ordering a large brush set at the same time, I found it amusing to get a brush in my mystery pack, but this is a relatively decent brush. It’s small and while a bit soft, is good for applying eyeliner.

Tutu lipstick in 11 Orange

The lipstick is labelled Tutu in 11 Orange and was super surprising. This is one seriously orange lipstick! It feels more like a tinted balm than a lipstick, so the pigmentation is pretty amazing. It’s not a colour I’d wear regularly, but it is very comfortable on my lips, and very hydrating too.

Yanying eyeshadow palette

This little Yanying palette surprised me in terms of pigmentation. Just look at the swatch! No primer needed at all. The palette has neutral shades, leaning towards orange and brown, and felt very soft and buttery. The feel of the shadows was way more expensive than the actual product.

I just can’t get over how pigmented both the eyeshadow and lipstick are. Just so surprising! Overall, I’m seriously impressed at my $3 mystery pack. It’s products like this that make me buy the packs in the first place.

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  1. what a steal! The eyeshadow quality far exceeds the price!

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