Jun 072015

I shared swatches of the Cargo Cosmetics Shanghai Nights Palette a few days ago, and now it’s time to show off some eye looks.

Jun 2 LOTD - Cargo, Marcelle

Jun 4 LOTD - Cargo, Quo, Mary Kay

May 12 LOTD - Cargo, Essence

May 16 LOTD - Cargo, Covergirl

May 23 LOTD - Cargo, Mary Kay, Rimmel, Beauty People

  3 Responses to “LOTD round-up: Cargo Cosmetics Shanghai Nights Palette”

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  1. I saw this palette at Winners a few times and almost grabbed it. I wish I had, these looks are GORGEOUS!

    • You totally should have grabbed it! I debated over it a few times, and ended up grabbing it after liking the other one, and it turns out this one is my favourite. So happy I got it.

  2. These looks are all beautiful! This palette seems great for neutral looks with an added splash of colour.

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