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Up next in my coverage of the new summer 2015 Mary Kay products are two very pigmented cream products: the Mary Kay at Play Lip & Cheek Sticks.

Mary Kay at Play Lip & Cheek Sticks

The two shades of this product are Peach Pop, a pink-orange shade, and Razzleberry, a purple berry shade.

These products come in little tubes that are quite wide. They’re easy to apply to cheeks, but a little difficult for lips. It might be easier to use a lip brush when applying.

Mary Kay at Play Lip & Cheek Sticks swatches

The pigmentation in these products are insane! Look at those swatches! When applying to cheeks, you’re going to want to use a very light touch, and blend well.

Personally, I’ve never figured out how to use cream blushes comfortably. I prefer the ease of powder, but Lip & Cheek Sticks are cute, and great as a multi-use product.

Wearing Peach Pop (lips and cheek) – this looked surprisingly pink on me:
May 24 LOTD - Quo, Mary Kay

Wearing Razzleberry (lips and cheek) – so blended, I’m almost not wearing:
May 27 LOTD - Gosh, Mary Kay

*PR sample provided for review.

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  1. i love this format of blush because i am lazy, but i never use them on my lips. i will be trying these next week! I keep doing fieldwork days without makeup!

    • See, now I find these take more work than powder since I have to blend so much, whereas powder is just dab, swoosh, and go.

  2. PS that ‘peach’ one looks great on you and i love love those gosh shadows in look 2!

  3. I was NOT expecting that pigmentation! holy hell!

    • So pigmented! I feel like these are tiny products, until you use them, and then it’s like, yeah, these will last approximately forever.

  4. Wow those are pigmented! I would be afraid to use them, hehe! They both look lovely on you though, and not scary at all (in terms of colour and brightness). 🙂

    • I’m so not a cream blush user, so these were super scary. Especially since I didn’t realize how pigmented they were the first time. Let’s justsay the purple one can look really purple, lol.

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