Aug 192015

Hello hello! I’m Katherine from ProcrastiNails and I’m so excited to be guest posting today for the lovely Sarah for CBB’s theme of Worth the Splurge. As soon as I saw the theme I knew exactly what I wanted to do – a look at the decadent real 18k gold and silver top coats that have come out in the past few years, with a specific focus on my personal love OPI The Man with the Golden Gun!


To start with I made a fun graphic of the mainstream real gold and silver top coats that I think are worth checking out. Note that my 2012 releases may be out of order – consider this a general timeline rather than an exact one.


Each of the top coats I’ve listed were originally sold for between $30 – $50 and surprisingly they’re all different! The Sephora by OPI polish has smaller more scattered flakies, the OPI Mariah Carey polish is the only one that advertises both gold and silver flakes (though it looks silver on the nail), the OPI Gwen Stefani polish has a combination of small and micro gold flakes, and the Zoya and OPI Man with the Golden Gun both have larger and more sparse flakes.

So theoretically you could buy all of them and still use them for different things! Now that’s a splurge! But realistically considering how infrequently you will probably use it (I save mine for special occasions) you’ll only need one.

I only own one of the listed polishes, and as I said above I think one is enough. My splurge was for OPI The Man with the Golden Gun from OPI’s 2012 Skyfall Collection. For this post I’ve decided to use it in some simple and striking nail art.


My base is a series of taped off sections filled in with OPI Queen of the Road and Wet n Wild French White Creme and the I topped it off with two coats of OPI Man with the Golden Gun.

The trick with using this top coat is to roll it or store it upside down for a bit before you use it – you don’t want to shake it because that will break up the larger gold flakes.


What is it about wearing real gold (and silver!) on our digits that’s so appealing? I think part of it is that it’s a moderately reasonable splurge (cheaper than a good pair of shoes and better for your hips than a cake!) and it just adds that extra something to your look. Not to mention the reaction you’ll get when you tell people you’re wearing real gold flakes on your nails!

Since these were all Limited Edition the only place you’d be able to find any of them these days is in swap groups or ebay, but OPI has a habit of putting them out every year in the winter so maybe we’ll get a new one for 2015! (Which means if you didn’t get a chance to grab any of these you might not be entirely out of luck!)

What do you think – are these top coats Worth the Splurge? 

Thanks again to Sarah for hosting me today, and if you want to check me out you can find me on Bloglovin, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Thanks for being here, Katherine! I don’t own any polishes like this, but they do make a statement.

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  1. I don’t own any of these but I love how they look and that nail art is a gorgeous combination. good tip about not shaking the polish though!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting me, Sarah! 🙂 I had a lot of fun putting this post together, and I agree that these polishes definitely make a statement!

  3. This is so pretty and perfect for this month’s theme. I was hoping actually that the bottle was clear and this was a solid gold polish lol

  4. Such a fun look! The golden flakes really finish the whole thing. I’ve actually made my own topcoat a few years ago, so cheap!

  5. This look is stunning!! I need to get myself one of these toppers!

  6. Holy cow, how many gold flake top coats are there now?

  7. I always see real gold and silver toppers as so luxurious!! I have one that is white gold and one made from crushes opals 😀

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