Sep 042015

Have you heard of Arbonne before? Similar to Mary Kay, it’s a home-based company that sells skincare and makeup. When one of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers decided to join Arbonne as a seller (Chantal Halley’s Arbonne site here), I was more than happy to try out some of the makeup products.

Arbonne products

I received a whole face of products, which is a great way to try out a new brand. I received the Arbonne eyeshadow in Divine Plum, Liquid Liner in Black, Blush in Sunset and Smoothed Over Lipstick in Lotus. The only thing missing is mascara, but that’s okay, I have lots of that.

Arbonne products - open

On first look the product packaging is all quite nice. With matte black exteriors (except the lipstick which is glossy) and gold logos, everything looks very sophisticated. The eyeshadow and blush have great button open systems, so you don’t break any nails trying to open them.

Arbonne blush in Sunset

Sunset is a matte orange-coral blush. It’s soft and smooth and swatched beautifully. I love orange blush, and this is just the shade to transition to fall with.

Arbonne eye shadow in Divine Plum

Divine Plum is a medium purple with gold shimmer. When swatched, it was very sheer on bare skin, but looked amazing over primer. The shadow itself was soft and not an all grainy, but it needed something to stick to.

Arbonne Liquid Liner in Black

The liquid liner is very black, and dries matte. The applicator is a foam tip that is slightly rectangle shaped, meaning one side is wider and one side is quite thin. I did find that I needed to wipe off the applicator before using as there isn’t a stopper or anything in the tube to wipe off the product for you.

Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in Lotus

Last, but definitely not least, is the Smoothed Over Lipstick in Lotus. This lipstick is super silky and comfortable to wear. It’s a gorgeous MLBB shade that is the perfect pink nude for me.

I wore these products twice already (the blush several more times actually), and I’m happy to report the eyeshadow wears much nicer than it swatches. I can’t seem to get the gold shimmer to appear though, no matter what base I use with it. That is disappointing, but overall, I’m loving all these products.

Arbonne isn’t a cheap company to purchase from, but the products are really nice. I’ve already started compiling a small wishlist of items I’d like to add to my small collection. If you’re interested in buying some, please check out Chantal’s Arbonne site, or her Facebook page.

Aug 18 LOTD - Arbonne

Aug 20 LOTD - Arbonne

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