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Well, it’s getting to be time to start thinking of Christmas gifts. I know, there are still a few days left before Halloween, and I prefer to think about one holiday at a time, but stores seem to be totally into the Christmas season already, so I might as well start sharing some gift ideas. Plus, some of these items will be in my empties post this month, and I think I should talk about them before that happens.

Mary Kay holiday gift sets

This year, Mary Kay has 4 prepackaged gift ideas, all using a Sweet Shoppe theme. There is a Cream & Sugar body set, and 3 different scents of body lotion and lip balm sets.

Mary Kay holiday gift sets

I love the cheery packaging, and the fact that the items come in gift boxes, ready to be either wrapped or given as is. The sweet scents aren’t typical holiday scents, but they are nice.

Mary Kay Cream and Sugar body set

The Cream & Sugar body set comes with a body scrub and a whipped body lotion. The body scrub makes me think of a brown sugar and coffee mixture, both in terms of texture and scent. I really like the scent. Performance wise, it is really thick, which makes it a touch difficult to use, but it does scrub nicely, and may be the easiest scrub I’ve ever had to wash off. Seriously, it washed right away, without leaving little particles everywhere. I did find it left my skin almost squeaky clean though, so it’s a good thing it comes with a lotion.

I had a mixed reaction to the whipped body lotion. The texture was somewhere between a regular lotion and a body butter, and hydrated nicely. My issue was with the scent. I think it reacted oddly with my body chemistry as it smelled like vanilla cake batter in the tube, and when initially applied, but almost right away it took on a vinegar smell on my body. Not very pleasant. Even more odd is that it only happened the first 3 times I used it. After that, the vinegar smell didn’t reoccur, and I only got the vanilla cake batter scent.

Mary Kay body and lip sets

The body lotion and lip balm sets come in three scents: Apple & Pear, Berry & Cream, and Sugar & Spice. All 3 scents are super yummy and on the sweet side. I didn’t find the scents lasted long after application, for either the lotion or lip balm.

The body lotion is what I consider to be a standard formula: it hydrated nicely although it wasn’t too thick. The lip balm is a petroleum based formula, with the standard slanted tip applicator. This is the type of lip balm I like using before bed as it gives a great hydration boost when left overnight.

Overall, these are cute sets that make for easy gift giving. Like all Mary Kay items, these sets are not inexpensive, but they are nice luxurious items for that special someone on your gift giving list.

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  1. I don’t know what it is about gift sets, but I love giving them and I love getting them too! The Apple Pear scent sounds really interesting.

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