Nov 072015

I almost forgot all about posting my empties, but I remembered now, so I do want to share.

Oct 2015 empties

The basket looks like it has quite a few items, but that’s mostly due to the larger size of body products. Spread out, I have a few items in several different categories.

Oct 2015 empties - hair and body

For hair and body, I have my Mary Kay gift set from last month, and a L’Oreal hair mask that I’ve had forever. I didn’t really care for the hair mask as I found it had a really masculine scent that didn’t appeal to me much.

Oct 2015 empties - face

For face products, I finished a tube of The Face Shop Pomegranate Cream Cleanser, which was a really hydrating and luxurious feeling cream cleanser. I also finished a mini size of Epice scrub, which I’ve used and enjoyed before. I had a Vichy moisturizer which I thought would feel too heavy, but turned out to be nice, and a sample of Olay Regenerist serum, which was just okay. I had 2 face masks, and loved the Montagne Jeunesse one, but didn’t enjoy the Hey Honey one as it was really hard to peel off. It did smell like honey though, so that was nice.

Oct 2015 empties - nails

I always feel super accomplished when I have nail or makeup products in my empties, and this time I have a few items. I have Essie Good to Go top coat, which I enjoy when new, but dislike when it gets more than half empty as I find it gets really goopy. I finished my Sally Hansen White On, which is my preferred white base for nail art. Lastly, I’m throwing out my sample of Hard Candy Lashaholic as the brush was too flexible to go through my lashes. I couldn’t get it to apply at all, the brush would just bend instead.

Oct 2015 empties - all

Overall, this was a decent selection of empties. I’m always happy to finish anything as it means more room for something new.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how much you finish every month!!

  2. Ahh I haven’t even gotten into my Mary Kay set!! Good job finishing so much stuff, I need to be more efficient too haha

    • I jumped into the set right away. I was really interested in the scent. If only I could be as efficient with makeup, lol.

  3. great job finishing up products as always! I can’t believe that was your last cleanser and top coat…i could have so much more space if that was the case for me haha

    i love the MK body lotion especially, yum!

    • I’m always surprised when I run completely out of a type of product. Remember when I ran out of mascara? That was crazy, and will likely never happen again, lol. You’d think I’d keep track of when I start to run low of things, but it’s always an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

  4. That’s a good bunch of empties! I really like that Sally Hansen white polish too, it’s so hard to find a good white.

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