Dec 222015

I mentioned this post was coming last week, and here it is!

I’ve been a subscriber of the Amoda Tea Tasting Box since March 2015, and with 4 tea options arriving monthly, I’ve sampled a lot of tea. There are 5 teas that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with that I want to share as the best.

If you aren’t familiar with Amoda Tea, they are a Canadian tea curating company that offers a monthly subscription box featuring 4 teas from small, mostly local tea companies. The monthly box is $18 per month (free shipping), and always contains a wide variety of teas, usually with a monthly theme.

Best of Amoda Tea

First up is Coffee Caramel from Nineteen-02. This is a black tea with whole coffee beans. This was in the October box, and I fell in love right away. It has a strong coffee scent, which I love, and almost no coffee flavour, which I appreciate, since I don’t actually like the taste of coffee.

Next is Pineapple Sencha from Den’s Tea. This is a green tea with pineapple. This was in my very first March box, and is the first time I’ve enjoyed green tea, or pineapple taste. It’s smooth and gentle, and I now keep a tin stocked all the time because it’s my absolute favourite tea.

My newest delight is Sugar & Spice from BlendBee. This just came in my November box, but I loved it at first sip. This is a custom black tea and rooibos blend that tastes like a gentle chai, and is perfect for winter sipping.

A tea I enjoy hot or cold is Sangria from Aromatica. This tastes almost exactly like Queen of Tarts from David’s Tea, which is one of my favourite teas ever. Finding a tea dupe is fun and unusual, and if it means I get to drink a lovely tea while supporting small business, that’s even better.

Last, but not least, is Choco Shou from Camellia Sinensis. This is the only chocolate tea I’ve tried that has a full body taste, without a slight hollow feeling. I’m a huge chocolate lover, and know that drinking cup after cup of hot chocolate is really not good, so finding a tea that allows me to drink cup after cup without any guilty is great.

Amoda tea logo

So there you go, my favourite 5 teas from Amoda Tea… so far. I have no intention of cancelling my subscription any time soon, so I’m sure I will discover more favourites next year. Have you tried any of these teas yet? What are your Amoda Tea favourites?

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  1. I’m like you, I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste.
    All these teas sound like teas I would love as well. I really need to try this subscription at some point.

    • The coffee caramel is becoming my fav morning tea. I have noticed a caffeine boost from drinking it. Anything to help wake up, eh?

  2. I love that Amoda does mostly local teas, that’s such a nice touch! I really need to start shopping more local for teas – there’s a great tea shop not far from me too.

    • Local shops are always fun to explore. There’s actually a teahouse in town that I’ve only bit to a few times. Online is just so easy.

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