Dec 062015

Another month done, and so it’s time to check out the empties bucket.

Nov 2015 empties

The bucket seemed to be empty for the first half of the month. I was starting to get a bit worried that I wouldn’t finish anything, but then it started to fill up fast.

Nov 2015 empties

Overall, there was quite a bit that ended up in the bucket.

Nov 2015 empties - makeup

Starting with the unexpected, I replaced all my mascara. I don’t think it was actually on my schedule to do this until the end of December, but both the Annabelle and Covergirl mascaras were getting really dry. I didn’t care for the Essence one or the Hard Candy one due to the brushes. Of the lot, I only really enjoyed the Annabelle Big Show, and will definitely be getting it again in the future.

I’m also choosing to throw out an elf cosmetics powder brush. It’s losing bristles, and it’s starting to feel really rough. I have much nicer brushes in my collection, so don’t feel bad about ditching this one.

Nov 2015 empties - bath products

There are a lot of bath products this time. I finished my beloved COLab dry shampoo, and keep forgetting to buy more. There are also 3 body washes, which were all okay, but nothing special. I also finished the 2 mini Soap & Glory body butters that I kept from the holiday trio. They are really nice and hydrating. I’ve already bought all the other Sugar Crush scented products, I just need to pick up a replacement body butter.

Nov 2015 empties - skincare

When it comes to skincare, I was also really successful at finishing things. I love the Marcelle eye makeup remover, and am already using a second bottle. The Origin scrub was more like a creamy cleanser with some scrubby bits, rather than a true scrub, but it was still nice. I finished a Vichy sample, which was nice, and tried the green Sephora sleeping mask, but ironically, this tea tree blend made me breakout really badly on my chin.

Overall, this month was full of a lot more empties than I expected. I seem to go in waves when finishing stuff, and it’s always exciting to see the end result every month.

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  2. That dry shampoo <33333 I'm actually using a Batiste one right now and I like it for the cleansing part but I miss the extra volume colab gave me. Ahhh well!

  3. great batch of empties! i really need to do another mascara purge myself.. too bad about that sephora mask. the marcelle remover sounds great!

    • I love mascara purges. Fresh mascara always seems so much nicer. I was sad about the Sephora sleeping mask, but I have a set of them, and some of the other colours are working out nicely.

  4. You still ended up with a great bunch of empties!
    The only product I tried is the Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter. I liked the clean scent of it and I found it moisturized really well.

  5. Yikes at the mask breaking you out! I love those masks but I’ll avoid that one just in case…

    • Yeah, I had when masks break me out. I’ve been having better luck with some of the other varieties, although I wish they had resealable tops.

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