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Does your guy take care of his skin? He should, but often, it’s a struggle to make guys realize this. I’ve been very slowly, over the past year and a half, trying to introduce my husband to some skincare items. I’ve been successful to a degree, in that he’s accepted 3 products into his routines. So, let me share with you these “intro to skincare for guys” products that have worked for me.

Before I get started, just a few words about my husband, so you know what my struggle was like. He’s a big, burly looking guy. He’s a professional indie wrestler, half of a tag team called the Hardcore Hicks, and usually sports full facial hair. Not anything close to a metrosexual. Not the type of guy to voluntarily pick up anything other than body wash or bar soap.

Intro skincare for men

My first successful skincare product was Flexitol Heel Magic. Last summer, my husband had a gnarly case of dry heels, and since he’s a picker, managed to rip a whole section of skin off. Totally gross. And painful by the way he was limping around. When I saw that, I suggested he try this heel balm, and he was obviously skeptical. I applied it for him, and then left it on his nightstand. The very next day he remarked that his feet were already starting to feel better. I let him keep the Heel Magic, and he’s been using it ever since.

At the beginning of this summer, he burnt his face pretty bad spending the whole day outside with minimal sunscreen reapplication. He asked me if I had any “non-girly smelling face cream stuff” since he felt like his skin was going to crack. I gave him the tube of Marcelle Ultra Gentle Moisturizing Cream that was just languishing in my drawer. I find it a little thin for my personal taste, but he’s been using it regularly.

It apparently also makes a good hand cream. He had to come tell me that it soaked into his hands almost immediately when he applied them to his super rough and dry hands recently. Yeah, that’s cause your hands are gross and dry. He wouldn’t accept my offer of actual hand cream though, even though I have some thick, effective, fast absorbing ones that aren’t girly smelling.

When it comes to shower products, he tends to prefer non-flowery smelling shower creams, or bar soap, but never wants to try body scrubs. We shower in separate bathrooms (I have the ensuite and he uses the main bathroom due to shower head preferences), so he rarely dips into my large array of shower choices. But after my son showered in my bathroom (he prefers my hand held shower head) and used my Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub, I found it in the main bathroom after my husband’s next shower. He was annoyed when I took it back. “It’s scrubby and cool and made my skin stop itching and smells really good.” I had to buy a tub for him, just so he’d stop stealing it from me.

This whole line is actually a big hit in my house since the lime scent is amazing, and neither masculine nor feminine. But while my son is willing to use all the products (body wash, body scrub and body butter), my husband is only into the body wash and now body scrub.

Three skincare related products may not seem like a big deal, but I feel super victorious about finding items my husband will actually use on his own. What’s next? Face cleanser (“I wash my face with water when I shower”)? Body lotion (“eww, slippery skin”)? Or some other product I haven’t thought of yet?

Do you have any products that your guy actually likes and uses? Any suggestions you want to share about what I should try to introduce next?

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  1. hahah I LOVE this post! it’s true so hard to find skincare products our male partners will use…I’ve basically had no success myself except for the hemp line from the body shop, my boyfriend will use that when he gets desperate 🙂

  2. This post is awesome! I love the blow by blow me his reactions! Good on you for providing products as needed! And dry heels… my god. The bane of my own existence!

    • I had to share his reactions as they were the best part! At least he knows if he has a problem, I probably have a product to solve it.

  3. Haha I love this! I’ve tried to get my hubby into skincare and succeeded once – but the stuff I got him to try broke him out and he’s refused to try anything since. Sigh.

  4. Aaron will never, ever get into skincare. It’s a struggle to get him to use anything other than dollar store shampoo at this point. He believes moisturizer is a conspiracy acting to make his skin drier so he becomes dependent. haha

    • Oh, the great conspiracy theory about moisturizer. I’ve heard that before from other guys. Where do they come with it?

  5. Oh god Yves is the same! He’ll buy the cheapest bar soap or body wash that smells good. And shampoo as well. That’s about all he uses and will not budge from that – unless I receive or win something, then he’ll try it.

    • It’s funny how that seems to be so common with guys. Mike is usually good about using whatever body wash and shampoo I put in his shower though.

  6. It’s not just woman who can have a skin care routine. Also, men need to apply some natural skin care products as well. Even though men were not fund of putting some beauty products, in most events, men needs to apply make up. It’s really a good thing to have a skin care routine for men.

  7. I had bought my husband some Jack Black stuff a couple years ago for Christmas and he loved it – totally changed how he took care of his skin (from shampooing his face in the shower to actually using products for his face) – unfortunately he started having a reaction to it all in the past 6 months or so and we’ve had to change it up again… he finds facial oils to work best for him. Gonna have to check out that sugar scrub!

  8. That is awesome that you got him to try some products! I can’t believe how much you liked the scrub.

  9. My other half will use anything if I tell him to, but “forgets” to use them daily

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