Feb 052016

Do you have a signature scent? Have you ever wanted to create your own? The new Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending Sets make creating a signature scent really fun and easy.

Several Canadian Beauty Bloggers recently got the opportunity to try out some of the Foolproof Blending sets, with each blogger receiving both a trio and a duo set. I was a bit hesitant to join in since I haven’t worn any perfume in years, but playing chemist sounded like it would be fun.

Demeter Frangrance Foolproof Blending Duo and Trio

I received the Vanilla trio set, and the Clean Skin/Sunshine duo set. I was also really lucky and received a bottle of Lilac and Lime as a bonus gift.

Demeter Frangrance Foolproof Blending Vanilla Trio

The Vanilla trio set has the scents Gingerbread, Angel Food and Hawaiian Vanilla. Unfortunately, I didn’t personally like any of these scents, which surprised me since I love the scent of vanilla in my bath products. I found Gingerbread to be too strong and spicy, Angel Food was too sweet, and Hawaiian Vanilla was an accurate blend of pineapple and vanilla, but I just don’t like pineapple.

Demeter Frangrance Foolproof Blending Duo

The duo set comes with full sized bottles of Sunshine and Clean Skin, as well as an empty bottle, a funnel and pipettes so you can mix your own scent.

I really liked Clean Skin, it’s a hard scent to describe but it’s light and delicate, almost like baby powder. Sunshine is the most amazing scent ever. It smells like sunshine, warm and inviting.

Demeter Frangrance Foolproof Blending

I had high hopes for my two bonus scents Lilac and Lime as I usually love both of those scents. Lilac is my favourite floral scent, and this one was true to the flower. Lime was a disappointment as I found it had a cleaner quality to it.

Demeter Fragrance custom blend

I had a lot of fun trying out different mixes of the scents, and quickly found one that I loved. I loved it so much that I mixed it up in the empty bottle and labelled it. Spring Day is 4 parts Sunshine and 1 part Lilac, and smells just like the name suggests.

It’s been a long time since I wore perfume regularly, but this was a fun experiment, and I have worn my custom scent every day since I mixed it. I find it only lasts about half the day, and love it so much that I reapply after lunch, just so I can smell it again.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own scent, Demeter Fragrances is the way to go. They have over 300 scents on their website, and have a wide variety of foolproof blending duos and trios, with more added every month.

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