Apr 272016

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It’s been quite a while since I was subscribed to a beauty box, but I miss the excitement of receiving a surprise in the mail every month, so after taking a look at the current options available to Canadians, I decided to give Topbox another try.

Topbox is a Canadian company that sends out a monthly beauty subscription box. It costs $12 per month (this is the only option), and you get 4 deluxe samples per box. They often have special “Prive” boxes that you can select as your preferred option every month, and some (but not all) people who wish for that box will get it instead of the normal box.

Topbox April 2016

Since April was my first box, and none of the Prive boxes screamed “select me”, I opted to get the regular box. You can choose whether to have it shipped in the Topbox tube, or in a regular bubble envelope. I chose a regular envelope.

I got:

Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask – I love masks, so yay.

OFRA Cosmetics Lipliner in Wine – I’m not really a lipliner user, but I recognize the brand as a frequent beauty box addition.

Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster – This is supposed to help boost the results of your existing skincare products. I like the idea of it, and have already started using it.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara – I have to admit that I don’t often like Benefit products, but I opened this right away, and I actually really like it. The brush helps give good separation, which increases volume. Just what I want from a mascara.

As a bonus, every subscriber received a Schick Hydro Silk razor. I’m a dedicated Schick Intuition user, so I’ll be saving this in case I ever accidentally run out of blades, or if I have a visitor that needs a razor.

Topbox April 2016 insert

The box comes with an insert that details the products, their cost, and where it’s available for purchase. It’s simple but effective.

Overall, as my first re-introduction to Topbox, I’m very happy. I feel like the price was good and I received products that I’ll actually use (minus the lipliner). As a bonus, I like the ones I’ve tried already.

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  1. this is actually a really good box! Plus, I can always use an extra razor. I am interested in the rollerlash mascara, it has really good reviews (including yours!)

    • Yes, I was definitely impressed at both the mascara and the box in general. Love when something works out!

  2. I always like free razors, even if they are not my preferred brand.
    I find Roller Lash is good as a mini, but for some reason the full size just isn’t the same.

    • I find that a lot of mascaras that are great as minis aren’t as good in full size. I’m not sure why, but for that reason, I actually prefer minis most of the time.

  3. This looks like a good useful box! I don’t wear lip liner either, but I would use all the other products.

  4. Oh this looks like a good box! I jumped off the subscription box train a while ago, but it’s nice to see that some of the boxes are still producing good items!

    • I jumped off the train too, except for my tea box, but felt an urge to see what they were like again.

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