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Are you as obsessed with checking out your Facebook memories as I am? I look every day. A few days ago there was a link to an old beauty post I wrote in 2014, back when I used to share my posts to my personal feed, rather than to a page feed. The post was How Beauty Blogging has Changed Me, and reading it made me want to do an updated version.

Less Afraid to Embarrass Myself

I’ve always been easily embarrassed, and don’t like to look silly. I mentioned then that beauty blogging has helped me become more comfortable at being silly, largely because it’s hard not to look silly when posting a face mask.

Like really, how flattering are mask selfies? They demand that you embrace silliness.

Being Comfortable in Front of a Camera

I’m still working on being comfortable when other people take photos of me, but I’m getting good with selfies. There is a huge world of difference between those two types of photos though. For some reason I find it much easier to pose my features in flattering ways when I’m the one holding the camera. When it goes to someone else, it’s like I forget all the tricks I use on myself. But I no longer cringe at the thought of a camera in general, so that’s a start.

Apr 16 LOTD

Relaxing in Baths

This is one where forward progression is not happening. I’m back to rarely taking baths. I just prefer showers so much more. I don’t tend to accept PR samples for bath products anymore, simply because it feels like so much work to take a bath. It may also have to do with the fact that I really need to change the drain plug in my tub because it leaks. Nothing like getting into a full tub, and then having to get out because there’s only 2 inches of water left.

Experimenting with Products

This is one area that I feel I’ve really grown in. I love trying new products, especially if there is colour involved. When I wrote my original post two years ago, I was just starting to wear lipstick, and never did my eyebrows, and never wore foundation. Now I regularly wear lipstick, at least for photos because lip prints on cups gross me out, and I always do my eyebrows, and regularly wear foundation.

Apr 19 LOTD - BH Cosmetics

Connections with Other People

This wasn’t something mentioned in my original post, but something that beauty blogging has given me is a way to connect with other people who share the same interests. This is directly related to my involvement with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers. I love helping to manage the network, and I love connecting with people in the network. Some of the people I’ve met online, I haven’t actually met in person, yet, but I still consider them close friends. As someone who doesn’t find it easy to make friends, I’m very thankful I have this group, and these people. They really are my peeps and I love them.

Self Confidence

All of these examples tie into the best thing that beauty blogging has given me, and that’s more self confidence. It takes confidence to wear pink bangs, and to choose lipstick that matches them. It takes confidence to post selfies on the internet for other people to see. It takes confidence to reach out to companies and brands to create relationships. It takes confidence to proudly tell people you’re a blogger, and especially that you’re a beauty blogger. I’m not ashamed of the size of my makeup collection, or that I have 4 wall racks full of nail polish. I love those items, and what they represent, which is that I have a hobby I love, and that I think I’m good at.

So what’s next for me? Definitely more beauty blogging. Definitely more photos. More fun. More connecting to other people online who share my passions.

And maybe something else?

Workaday Services banner

I haven’t really started advertising much, but I’ve started my own business. How’s that for being confident and taking a risk? Workaday Services is my latest adventure online. It offers ebook formatting and publishing, with a focus on helping bloggers convert and publish their existing material. I’d obviously love if you checked it out, and signed up to my mailing list if it interests you.

I’m going to end this post with the same words I used last time:
On the surface, beauty blogging seems superficial. It’s very materialistic and mainly about make-up. But it’s actually a lot more than that, and I’m really grateful to have tried and loved it. Yes, it’s hard on my wallet, but the benefits I’ve gotten so far have far outweighed any negatives. Regardless of what comes next, I’m happy this venture has felt successful, and that I’m enjoying myself. That’s the most important part. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

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  1. omg hahaha Relaxing in baths… I freaking HATE it. I’m in there five minutes tops. I do like to submerse myself, but then I overheat and I am DONE. My husband always laughs that my baths are shorter than my showers.

    Love, love, love this post and everything you’ve gotten out of beauty blogging!

  2. A lot of this is true for me too! It’s great that a hobby can have so many positive effects on us, and I love it!

  3. I love this post. It’s so inspiring to read how blogging has improved your life. Haha you are so right too about how is easier to take selfies than regular photos!

  4. I loved this post last time and I’m happy you still feel the same way about a lot of things except baths which I don’t understand. I know book blogging brought us together but I’m so happy we’ve had the CBB to bring us even closer. Definitely count you as a good friend, in person meeting or not! but someday I’m showing up for the kiwi trees and bouncy castle and deer.

    • LOL. Yes, I love that the CBB has made it possible for us to be closer friends. You might have to be quick for the kiwis, I think my mother-in-law is going to have one of the vines cut so we don’t get any more fruit. They just seem to go to waste every year.

  5. Love this post, I think it is stuff most of us have had to work at (except soaking in a bath, I have always liked that)

  6. I always have to time myself in baths because I GET SO BORED! I think blogging has done a lot of the same for me re: being ok with looking foolish and also increasing self confidence.

    • I have totally timed myself before: “must stay in for 20 min otherwise it’s a waste of water” lol.

  7. I love this post. I have quite a personal post that’s been sitting in draft format in blogger for ages now that I’m a bit afraid to post. I love seeing other people express themselves like this, and it’s so refreshing to see.

    Katherine || The Green Bows

  8. I can’t express how much I connected with this post! When I began blogging years ago I felt so lost in the world, and through this wonderful thing we call the interweb I’ve not only grown into the person I am today, but have met a bunch of kick ass woman along the way. The rewards of blogging are never ending, but I think that the ones you’ve listed, especially the confidence, are my top reasons for continuing as well.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ve found that beauty blogging has given me so much that I didn’t expect, and connection to other women is a great one.

  9. Aw, I love this post and reflecting on how far I’ve gotten as well. I am happy for you and I look forward to reading more of your blog & IG posts 🙂

  10. I agree 125% with the camera thing! Selfie? No problem! Someone else taking the picture? I’m the most awkward person ever.

  11. I can totally relate to the selfie thing, I think I’m just too nervous in front of people and it almost feel like my lips are shaking when I try to smile normally! lol

    • Being nervous is a big thing. I find I try too hard when someone else is taking the photos, and then it just turns out awkward.

  12. Love this post! I agree – blogging has made me a lot more comfortable in front of a camera (not suite enough to do YouTube videos but enough to do snapchat videos..)

  13. I love this post! As a fairly new blogger (coming up on one year in August) I love reading about how beauty blogging as affected your life. Very inspiring 🙂

  14. I LOVE this post! I’m slowly getting over taking close up face pictures for review

    • Thanks. I find close up photos is all about repetition until you learn which angles are best. Then it gets easier.

  15. Great post! I too am not a bath person and am also starting to enjoy the benefits of being part of the CBB and learning from such thoughtful and generous bloggers.

  16. This is really great! I love this reflection – I went in to beauty blogging for fun and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have gained from it!!

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