May 232016

I participated in another When Colours Collide challenge, and it was a fun monochromatic blue on blue theme this time. This was good timing and fun since I intentionally avoided blue polish earlier this month when I did B nails.

Blue Collage - When Colours Collide

Working with only one colour is both easy and hard. It’s easy to pull out a bunch of polishes that coordinate, but harder to figure out how to use them together.

Blue on blue with MTL Creations and Avon

I settled on a stamped look with a glitter accent nail.

MTL Creations in Noah, Mt Royal, Once in a Blue Moon and Avon in Inked Up and Iceberg White

MTL Creations in Noah, Mt Royal, Once in a Blue Moon, Avon Gel Finish in Inked Up and Iceberg White, and Pueen stamping plate 103.

I started with 3 coats of MTL Creations in Mt Royal on all fingers but my ring finger. This is a thermal polish that changes from light to medium blue, and has a subtle sparkle to it. It is quite thin, so three coats is needed to get an opaque look.

I then used Avon Gel Finish in Inked Up and Pueen stamping plate 103 to stamp over this blue with a darker blue. The Avon polish stamped really well.

Blue on blue with MTL Creations and Avon

For my ring finger, I wanted a glitter accent, so I started with one coat of Avon Gel Finish in Iceberg White as a base. One coat, people, this white is always one coat for me. I’m not sure I needed the base, but I wasn’t sure how opaque the other polishes would be, so better safe than sorry.

I then layered on 2 coats of MTL Creations in Noah and 2 coats of MTL Creations in Once in a Blue Moon. This resulted in a super sparkly, glittery, slightly holo accent nail.

Blue on blue with MTL Creations and Avon

I mentioned that Mt Royal is a thermal, and here it is in its cold state. When I did this look the temperatures were quite hot (I wore shorts all that week), so I had to run my hand under cold water just to show off the difference. The darker base makes the stamping look darker too, even though the Avon polish isn’t thermal.

Blue on blue with MTL Creations and Avon

Overall, this was a fun look that had me digging through my collection to find some polishes I haven’t used in a while. Now those polishes feel loved, and I’m happy.

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  1. Your mani looks great, I love the accent nail too.
    I will have to try stamping with Avon polishes, that looks like an actual stamping poish

    • Thanks. I think all the Gel Finish ones I’ve tried stamping have worked out great so far. I love finding “regular” polishes that stamp.

  2. The stamp was a really good idea for this theme and so neat that it kinda changed too alongside the thermal polish.

    • Thanks. I thought it was neat how changing the base colour changed the look of the stamp in the same way. Just goes to show how important your base colour choice is.

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