Jun 012016

Do you participate in Twitter parties? I do whenever I remember that one is on. They’re lots of fun, and sometimes there are prizes to be won. I participated in the Trade Secrets MTV Twitter party a few months ago and won a ProFinish brush collection!

PROFinish brushes

I received 4 single brushes and a duo brush set. Each brush (or set) is packaged individually in a sealed plastic bag The brushes have a silvery handle, metal ferrule, and synthetic, or premium grade natural bristles, depending on the brush. They cost between $25 and $45 a brush.

PROFinish brushes

From small to large, I received:

Smokey Eye Essential Set – this duo has an eyeshadow brush and an angled brush. The angled brush is firm and works well for either eyebrows, or for eyeliner. The eyeshadow brush has a loose pencil shape. It’s not quite cut right to be a true pencil brush, and is too pointed for a blending brush, but is something in between.

Eyeshadow Brush – this brush has a rounded head, and is super soft. It picks up and deposits eyeshadow in a soft manner. It’s not really for packing on colour, but for a soft overall application it works well.

Flat Top Buffing Brush – I often apply my foundation with a flat top brush, so was excited to see how this one compared to my beloved Tweezerman version. The ProFinish version is a little bigger, and a little looser, but it still works well for foundation application.

Angled Contour Brush – This brush has really soft bristles and applies blush, highlighter, and bronzer well. It’s not as soft as some other brushes in my collection, but it’s still quite nice.

Luxurious Powder Brush – I don’t often apply powder products, so this brush hasn’t seen much use yet. It’s quite large and soft and fluffy.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with my ProFinish brushes, and I’m super happy I won them. It was a great way to be introduced to the brand. I’ve used and washed them several times, and while I’ve seen a bristle or two be shed, they are holding up really well.

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  1. these brushes sound pretty nice but i am always looking for the perfect blending brush so it’s sad this set doesn’t have one!

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