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When most people think of jewelry charm companies, they associate them with bracelets and holidays. But charms can be used for more than just bracelets, and they make great gifts year round. I’ve worked with Soufeel in the past, and this time, I decided to showcase their products in a more summer appropriate way, with fun necklaces and rings.

Soufeel summer necklace

Soufeel products arrive very well packaged, with everything you need to present a great gift. Each piece is in a separate plastic bag, and they are all in a gorgeous gift box. This gift box is inside a shipping box with a gift bag.

For my summer inspired gift look, I chose two necklaces, a charm and a ring.

Soufeel Blue Water Drop necklace

The first necklace is a delicate Blue Water Drop charm necklace. It comes with a slender silver chain that has multiple clip sections, so you can adjust the length. This is a gorgeous, and very delicate looking piece of jewelry.

Soufeel summer necklace charms

I also chose a Four-Leaf Clover Necklace and added a Dark Blue Ice Crystal charm and a Blue Green Water Wave ring. The clover charm comes with a silver chain that is a little heavier than the water drop chain, but has the same option to change the length.

The ice crystal charm is a standard style charm, similar to ones I’ve received in the past. It’s comparable and compatible with Pandora and Chamilia bracelets, and will fit in with most other charms.

The Blue Green Water Wave ring has an interesting shape in that the design is set into the ring, with the edges sculpted up a bit. The colours used in the design are a bright lime green and a light blue, which looks like land and sea, or land and sky, and invokes a very summery feel.

Soufeel stacked necklaces

I’ve worn the items in a couple ways. First, as a set of stacked necklaces with the charm and ring on the clover chain. This reminds me of a memory necklace that you might put together to commemorate a special event or time.

Soufeel necklace and ring

The second way I wore the items was as a stacked necklace set using just the blue water drop and just the clover. I did wear the ring, and it’s quite comfortable. I find this is a simpler and more sophisticated way to wear the items, while the memory necklace way felt younger and more fun.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing with Soufeel charms and necklaces to create summer jewelry pieces.

If you’re wondering about prices, here is what each item cost (in USD):
Four-Leaf Clover Necklace – $20 (comes with chain)
Blue Water Drop Necklace – $25 (comes with chain)
Dark Blue Ice Crystal Charm – $20
Blue Green Water Wave Ring – $25

As you can see, the items are each quite affordable, and it’s easy to create a complete look for a reasonable cost.

PR samples provided for review.

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  1. I’m loving that ring!

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