Jun 172016

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It’s Topbox time! I’ve had great success with my boxes so far, so I was excited to see what was coming this month.

Topbox (referral link) is a Canadian company that sends out a monthly beauty subscription box. It costs $12 per month (this is the only option), and you get 4 deluxe samples per box. They often have special “Prive” boxes that you can select as your preferred option every month, and some (but not all) people who wish for that box will get it instead of the normal box.

Topbox June 2016

This month I tried to get the Bliss Privé Topbox, but wasn’t successful. I received a regular box instead. Inside it was:

pur~lisse Blue Lotus + White Tea Sheet Mask – Sheet masks are always nice to receive.

China Glaze in Pinking Out the Window – I obviously enjoy receiving nail polish, and this looks to be a pretty peachy pink shade.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – The only dry shampoo I’ve ever tried is COLAB, and I love it, so I’m interested to see how this one stacks up.

O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face – I enjoy exfoliating products. I use them less than I used to, but I do like trying new ones. This one is definitely unique in that you spray it on.

I’m really liking the contents of this box, even if I didn’t get the Prive box I wanted. That makes 3 months in a row where I’ve really liked the contents, which makes this a great subscription!

Different this month is the lack of an insert card. There was an email late in May that indicated Topbox wasn’t going to do paper inserts anymore, and instead, the details of your box are emailed to you. My email insert arrived the same morning that my box arrived. It had a clear “Spoiler! What’s inside your Topbox?” subject line, so I could choose to open it right away or wait until after I opened my box.

I approve of this change. It makes business sense as it’s cheaper to send emails. It also makes customer service sense since now I can refer back to any month I want, and there are now direct links to buy the products. It’s a win-win change.

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  1. I received my Loose Button (Luxe Box) a few days ago and I also received a China Glaze polish, a sample from Pur~lisse, and that dry shampoo. That’s more and more my issue with subscription boxes is that they are all ending up with the same brands who want exposure.

    • Yeah, it seems like there isn’t a huge variety between any subscription boxes anymore. That’s why I want to stick with just one, rather inexpensively at that.

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