Jul 252016

So far in the alphabet nail series I’ve stuck to just one letter per look, but when the most recent collection from Ceramic Glaze contained polishes that start with H and I and go well together, I obviously had to go with it.

Ceramic Glaze Matte Shiny Chevrons

I decided to do a texturized version of chevron nails using a matte base with shiny accents.

Ceramic Glaze in Impulsive and Heavenly and BPL-006

I started with 2 coats of Ceramic Glaze in Impulsive. This is a very interesting purple matte polish that has lots of little micro glitter in it.

I then stamped a chevron pattern over it using Ceramic Glaze in Heavenly (a pearl semi-sheer polish) and Born Pretty stamping plate BPL-006. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Heavenly stamped, and how much it shows up over the base.

Ceramic Glaze Matte Shiny Chevrons

I really loved how this looked, but the glitter in the base doesn’t show up very well on its own, so I decided to add topcoat to see how that affected the look.

Ceramic Glaze Shiny Chevrons

Adding top coat added way more shine than I expected. It made the resulting look really hard to photograph, but in person it was awesome.

Ceramic Glaze Shiny Chevrons

I don’t normally discuss wear in my nail posts since I tend to change my polish frequently, and so don’t care if polish only lasts 3 days, but this time it’s worth mentioning. I did my look in the evening, and when I woke up in the morning, the polish was quite chipped on 3 nails. I did a touch up, and went about my day. I had to touch up again at lunch though on several nails, and again when I was done work. Just after supper I noticed one finger chipped almost half off, and I was done. Something about Impulse obviously did not agree with my nails.

Ceramic Glaze Shiny Chevrons macro

I haven’t heard anyone else have the same wear problems with Impulse, so maybe it’s just me. I might try wearing the polish again in a while, in case it was an issue with my nails just on that day, but sometimes nail polish just doesn’t work. It’s sad when it happens, but at least I got one gorgeous look out of it.

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