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I used to love exfoliating. It was my favourite skincare step. I don’t seem to do it very often anymore, but I still love trying new products. When I was given the opportunity to try a product from a local skincare company, I was excited to open my package to find an exfoliator.

Seaflora Iridaea Exfoliator

Seaflora Skincare is a Canadian company based on Vancouver Island, B.C. (like me!), which uses wild seaweed, ocean mud, and marine minerals to make healthy and natural skincare products.

The Iridaea Exfoliator uses Rhodophyta, ocean mud, Kaolin Clay, and Chamomile to make a gentle scrub aimed at dry and damaged skin.

Seaflora Iridaea Exfoliator

This scrub is a lot runny and more liquidy that I was expecting. It’s pretty messy to use, but is quite gentle. The grit feels mostly like sand and is exfoliating, but not harsh. The smell is slightly plant-y, but not very strong at all.

The product dries as you apply and rub, which felt a bit like it was drying my skin, but since you don’t leave it on for any length of time, it didn’t have a negative effect. This left my skin feeling polished and smooth.

This is an expensive scrub at $50 for a full sized tub, but the company does have several gift and introduction sets that would be a great way to sample their various products. With it’s all natural, mostly certified organic products, and a very Earth-friendly company policy, Seaflora Skincare is a great addition to the skincare world, and one I’d encourage you to check out.

PR sample for review.

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  1. Great Review! I LOVE SeaFlora products and have tried this exfoilator and love it too. It is pricey, but you get a lot of product and works great 🙂 Tal xo

  2. I’ve used everything, Dermalogica, Eminence, Obagi, SkinCell, Phytomier, Image, Dr. Renaud, etc., and nothing made my skin perfect. I had cystic acne especially around that time of the month and nothing helped. I spent soooo much money!
    I tried Seaflora and everything changed. Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate was the first product I tried. Powerful, yet gentle. Never left my skin dry. Seemed to be cleaning out my pores, Brought everything to the surface in whiteheads.
    Iridaea Exfoliator ~ oh my god it’s amazing!!!! Best Exfoliator Ever! Never used such a natural, ocean mud Exfoliator and will never use anything else again!
    Sea Spray Splash Toner was a game changer. Goodbye acne, it’s never been back, and this Toner makes my skin glow! All the nutrients of the seaweeds (which is the main ingredients in every product), Cleansing astringent witch hazel and soothing aloe, topped with vit C. It’s perfection.
    I’ve used the Seabright for the last few months n my complexion is brighter than ever! Before that I used Sea Therapy Intensive Restorative for 5 years. It’s the best moisturizer, odourless, and the whole regime transformed my skin but this moisturizer made it look ten years younger.
    My pores are small now, I never have acne, and I am told I glow constantly. Love my Seaflora Skincare regime, will never try another line again unless they go out of business.

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