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Stylish fashion can also be environmentally friendly and even do long term good. That’s the idea behind Tentree products, where every purchase results in the company planting 10 trees. When my mom was here visiting in June, she bought herself a Tentree t-shirt, and then bought me one too. I love my shirt, and so wanted to share about it.

TenTree shirt Nicolet

I have a Nicolet style t-shirt. This is a longer sleeved, longer length t-shirt that is very loose fitting, light weight, and super comfy. I have a pink and black marble pattern which isn’t shown on the their website, but was available in store (we shopped at Spinners Sports, which is a local independent store).

TenTree Shirt Nicolet and Aberdeen

I’m wearing Tentree Nicolet t-shirt and my mom is wearing Tentree Aberdeen t-shirt

I’m loving this shirt. It’s so comfy! The lighter weight is perfect for the summer heat, which is just starting, but it’s also loose enough that I can wear a tank top underneath without it affecting the look on cooler days. It fits in a flattering way, without sticking or bunching funny.

TenTree medallions

The t-shirts came with little medallions with our tree codes on them. You have to register an account with Tentree, and then activate your code to see where your trees are planted. The Tentree website has a great FAQ section that details when your trees are planted, and what happens at every step of the process. I’m personally very impressed at the level of detail and transparency the company provides.

Tentree trees

I was intrigued to learn the trees planted from the purchase of my shirt (and my mom’s) were mangrove trees in Madagascar. This is the Tentree project that has seen the most trees planted, and it feels good to know there is a difference being made with my purchase.

TenTree shirt Nicolet

I will admit that I’m usually a clearance shopper and the idea of spending $35-40 on a t-shirt seems like a lot, but this the Tentree Nicolet shirt is not a purchase to regret. It’s super comfy, and stylish, and buying it makes a difference. It might seem like a small difference, but when everyone does it, the overall impact is huge. The Madagascar impact is already over 4.7 million trees. Now that’s impressive.

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  1. I love the style of both shirts, and I love how this company works! I’ve never heard about them before and I love how they’re giving back.
    I too am usually a clearance shopper, but sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little extra – especially for initiatives like this one. I’ll have to see if the shirts are available locally cause I’d like to try them to see how they fit before ordering/buying one.

    • Good luck! If you find a good Ottawa source, let me know, so I can pass the information on to my mom and sister. I definitely suggest trying them on though, the various styles fit very differently. I tried a few on before I decided on this one.

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