Aug 242016

Have you had a chance to check out the summer Quo Cosmetic limited edition collection? There are several products that have a organization-based, non-beauty purpose. The Taking Notes Beauty palette actually combines the two purposes into one handy little product.

Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes beaty palette

A simple black with coral trim exterior hides a secret inside.

Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes beauty palette

This is actually a planner/calendar organizer, with two inserts that are makeup palettes. This planner has a zipper closure, and space inside for cards and your phone.

The makeup palettes each feature 6 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, an eyeliner, and 2 face products. They are housed in thin black plastic containers with a full sized transparent plastic cover. There is no extra packaging to these, what you see is really what you get.

Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes beauty palette

Once you remove the makeup inserts, the resulting product is a cute and functional planner. The planner has 6 rings, and fits quite a few brands of calendar refills, so you can personalize the contents to fit your needs.

Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes beauty palette swatches

Getting to the actual makeup, this is really a mixed collection in terms of quality. The purple/grey palette does not have the best pigmentation. The shadows are quite light and require quite a bit of work to get a good look on the eye. The neutrals in the brown palette perform much better. Quo always seems to do neutral shades really well, and this set is no exception.

The lipsticks are all nice. In both palettes the one on the left is thick and more like traditional lipstick while the right shades are thinner and feel more like a gloss/lipstick combination. The colours are nice and match the eyeshadows well.

The eyeliners are just garbage. I’m not a fan of this style eyeliner to start with, and neither of these have good pigmentation. They basically make a mess when you try to apply them.

The face products are also pretty much misses. Both highlight shades are practically invisible, and don’t have enough sheen to make them actual highlighters. The bronzer shade is way too orange for me. The blush is a nice, light flush colour. It’s the only winner out of the face products.

Overall, I like the Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes Beauty Palette more for the planner aspect than the makeup aspect. It’s a good idea, I just wish the makeup had turned out better. But still, this is a great concept for an August release as a way to get into school mode, and I bet students aren’t the only ones snatching up the packaging.

Aug 9 LOTD - Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes

Aug 14 LOTD - Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes

Aug 17 LOTD - Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes

Aug 21 LOTD - Quo Cosmetics Taking Notes

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