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I talk a lot about how the Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in Natural is my favourite foundation, so I’m excited to be able to share all about the new Gosh core products that started appearing in Shoppers Drugmart this month.

Gosh new core line fall 2016

There are so many products in this new launch! Everything from base and face products to eye and lip products. Lots to get through, so settle in for some photos.

Gosh Primer Plus Skin Perfector, Foundation Drops  in Ivory and Natural, Lumi Drops in Peach

Gosh Primer Plus Skin Perfector, Foundation Drops in Ivory and Natural, Lumi Drops in Peach

Let’s start with some base products.

Gosh Primer Plus Skin Perfector – This is a tinted illuminating primer. I find the colour to be quite yellow, which means it isn’t great for my skintone. It does give a glowing look, but since I prefer a matte look, it’s not something I enjoy. Since my skin history is oily and acne, I tend to associate glowy with oily, which isn’t a look I want.

Foundation Drops in Ivory and Natural – These foundation drops are very liquidy and runny. Both shades work for me. The natural shade is a touch darker, and slightly more yellow, while the Ivory shade is quite pale. The coverage is buildable, so you can apply a thin layer for a touch of colour evening, or build it up to about medium coverage. I did find that I had to use more product than I’m used to in order to get the look I wanted, and I don’t even like a lot of coverage.

There are 3 other darker shades of this product: Tawny, Honey and Tan.

Lumi Drops in Peach – This is a liquid highlight. There are three shades (Vanilla, Peach and Bronze). This product feels similar to the foundation drops, and blends really easily. I’m not a huge fan of liquid/cream products, but I did find it easy to use.

Overall, the base products didn’t overly impress me. I think I’d rather stick to my current Gosh foundation (which I was happy to confirm will still be carried).

Gosh Contour N'Strobe Kit in Light

Moving on to the Gosh Contour N’Strobe Kit in Light. There is both a light and medium option to choose from. The product has a highlight, a blush, and two contour shades (one matte and one shimmery). The light option is really light. This should make ladies with light skin very happy, since most contour options are too dark. I do wish the blush had more colour to it, as it’s quite nude. I prefer my blush to be more pink toned. I do really like the matte contour though. It’s a great colour for adding a little definition.

Gosh Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel in Chestnut, Giant Pro Liner and Forever Matt Eye Shadow Sticks in Nougat and Dark Brown

Gosh Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel in Chestnut, Giant Pro Liner and Forever Matt Eye Shadow Sticks in Nougat and Dark Brown

The new core line has a lot of eye products in it.

Gosh Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel – This comes in Nutmeg or Chestnut. I received Chestnut, which is the darker shade. This is a liquid product with fibres in it, that you apply using a small short spoolie. I actually really liked this. It is easy to apply, and is really natural looking. It kept my brows tamed without feeling or looking crunchy.

Giant Pro Liner in Blacker than Black – This is a marker style liner in an intense black shade. I haven’t used this style liner in a while, so had a bit of an adjustment period to the larger size, but I was impressed at how black the product was, and how well it applied. There was always product at the tip of the marker applicator, without needing to store upside down or press hard to “refill” the tip.

Forever Matt Eye Shadow Sticks in Nougat and Dark Brown – There are 4 shades in this new eyeshadow stick line (Nougat, Twisted Brown, Dark Brown and Dark Grey). They are matte, and waterproof. I tried wearing them on their own, to really put them to the test, and I was super impressed that they lasted all day without any creasing. That almost never happens with cream shadows!

Gosh 9 Shades Shadow Collection in to be Cool in Copenhagen

Gosh 9 Shades Shadow Collection in to be Cool in Copenhagen

I’m sure it’s no surprise that the eyeshadow palette was the product I was most looking forward to trying. The 9 Shades Shadow Collection in to be Cool in Copenhagen is a collection of cool toned shadows in purple and grey. I was super impressed at how these swatch. They barely need primer at all! These are soft to the touch, and easy to apply.

My only complaint about this collection is that there are no medium shades. Everything is either light or dark, which makes this hard to use on its own, since I like to use a medium shade in my crease as a transition colour. I can make my own by gently mixing some of the shades, but that’s an extra step that isn’t appreciated.

Gosh Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara and Rebel Eyes Long Wear Volume Mascara

There are 2 mascaras in this collection: the Lash Sculpting Fibre Mascara and the Rebel Eyes Long Wear Volume Mascara. The fibre mascara is a standard looking brush which results in a very full lash look. The Rebel Eyes mascara has a long slightly curved brush with some flex to it. I find this style applicator a little difficult to work with, but it also results in a full lash look.

Gosh Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick in Matt Cranberry

There are four lipsticks in this launch, all in the Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick collection. The first I have is the shade Matt Cranberry, which is a darker red-berry shade, which is accurately named. Being a matte lipstick, this isn’t the easiest to apply as there is quite a bit of grip to it. It’s comfortable once on though, and is quite long lasting.

Gosh Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick in Matt Nougat

The second shade I have is Matt Nougat, which is a light nude shade. I was really unsure about this shade, since it’s really light, but it mixes with my natural lip colour to give a 90s brown look, which is popular right now.

Overall, I’m amazed at the size of this new Gosh core line, and I really like a number of the products, mostly the eye and lip ones. Gosh seems to be an often overlooked brand, but this launch is something you’ll want to check out.

Sept 13 LOTD - new Gosh core line

Sept 14 LOTD - new Gosh core line

Sept 15 LOTD wearing Gosh and NYX

PR samples provided for review.

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  1. Good grief do I ever love that Cranberry lipstick shade. 100% agreed on it being incredibly stiff to apply, but like you said, I also found it really, really wonderful to wear once you get it on your lips!

  2. Oooh! Time to check out Gosh! I haven’t been into Gosh for a while, but they seem to have upped their game a bit! Yay! Gotta try the fibre brow, that nude lipstick, and the contour! 😀

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