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It’s tea time! Time to look at what’s in my Amoda Tea tasting box for September.

Amoda Tea Sept

What’s in the box this month?

Berry Maple Waffles – black tea with berries and maple.
This tea is so amazing! It smells exactly like waffles, berries and maple syrup when you open the bag. Yum! The taste and scent after steeping are both more subtle, but this is really nice tea. My sampler is already gone, and I’ll be buying this with my next order for sure.

Homestead Peach – herbal tea with peaches, hibiscus and citrus
This is a really light and gentle tea. Think soothing evening tea. This sampler is all gone too, and I drank it all up as a “relaxing while reading in bed” drink.

Green Bluff Green – jasmine, green tea and green rooibos
This went right in the giveaway pile. I’m just not a rooibos or jasmine fan.

Teana Colada – coconut, vanilla and rooibos
Another rooibos blend, so another giveaway tea.

Amoda Tea Sept teas

Someone asked me recently if this sample box is worth its $18 a month price, and I wholeheartedly said yes. Even when it contains 2 teas I have no intention of trying, I still consider this a good box. Why? Because there’s almost always at least one tea I enjoy. In this box, there were two I liked, and one went right to my purchase list.

To me, a sampler box isn’t necessarily about the sheer cost or value, it’s also the experience. There are so many tea choices, that it can be overwhelming to pick out new ones to try. I like that I can buy this and get a handpicked variety sent to me.

If I could make this subscription even better, I’d love to see the option to exclude certain types of tea. I’d choose not to get any rooibos teas in my boxes. There have been a very select few that I’ve enjoyed, but as a whole, I’d prefer to get a substitute 2nd black tea or herbal choice. It’s hard to set up a smaller subscription with options though, so I have no problem getting it as is.

Amoda Tea Sept insert

Amoda Tea does a regular monthly contest on their Instagram: follow @amodatea on Instagram and tag @amodatea #amodatea in your tea photos for a chance to win 2 of your favourite monthly box teas.

If you need some suggestions of Amoda Teas to try, you can check out the offerings on their website (the tasting box is $18 per month with free shipping), read my past monthly reviews (going back to March 2015), or jump straight to my round-up of favourites.

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