Sep 282016

September is almost over, and besides wondering how that happened, it’s time to see what was in my Topbox for the month.

Topbox Sept 2016 box

This month, Topbox had a few issues, but they handled them very well. First, there was a shipping delay due to one of the items taking longer to be received. Then they had an email mix-up where several versions of the “what’s in your box” went out at once. They recovered from both issues very well. They communicated the shipping delay early, and provided details as they came available. The final delay was only a few days, and I wouldn’t even have noticed if they hadn’t mentioned it. For the email mix-up, they sent out an apology email right away, and provided the correct information shortly afterward.

Topbox Sept 2016 box

Getting to my actual box, this month had the following items:

BVspa by Bon Vital Body Lotion – I’ve actually already used this up. There was enough for 2 full body applications. It was an average feeling lotion, but had a great grapefruit scent, and absorbed super fast. I could get dressed right away, and open the door with no slipping on the doorknob. I wish it was thicker, but as a lotion, it was pretty good.

Boo Bamboo Hair Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner – I appreciate that they provided both shampoo and conditioner, I hate getting just one.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – I’m always nervous to see skintone based products in subscription boxes since the potential for not matching colours is high, but I tried this, and it’s a good colour for me. I like being able to try this.

Delectable Everything Balm – Pet peeve time: I hate when products try to be everything, it rarely works out well. This feels like a Vasoline-style clear balm, but without any scent, and without a convenient applicator.

Topbox Sept 2016 bonus Unilever box

Also included with my regular Topbox was a bonus Unilever box. It has a selection of Unilever brands and products, and was a great extra. There’s haircare, bodycare and face products here. I’m excited to try the Degree spray deodorant, and the Nexxus shampoo/conditioner, and I already know I love the Simple face cloths.

If you want to get your own Topbox (referral link), it costs $12 per month (this is the only option), and you get 4 deluxe samples per box. They often have special “Prive” boxes that you can select as your preferred option every month, and some (but not all) people who wish for that box will get it instead of the normal box.

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