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Holiday parties are starting, along with the requisite holiday photos. Men get off easy with attire and grooming, but this is the time of year most women start freaking out about their looks. There are lots of features you could focus on, but one that always gets a lot of attention are eyelashes.

Every women wants long, full, voluminous eyelashes, but not many are graced with them naturally. (Side note: so many boys and men are though, and it’s sickening.) I will proudly admit that I have nice natural lashes, but I still feel the need to amp them up.

Eyelash comparison - Mascara and Falsies

At least there are lots of options for women who want to add something to their eyelashes: regular mascara, fibre mascara, false lashes or eyelash extensions. I tend to stick to a form of mascara, but falsies are very popular (especially among beauty bloggers), and eyelash extensions are a trend that seem to be growing.

Eyelash comparison - Mascara and Falsies

When it comes to mascara, there are so many options, it can be overwhelming. Same with false lashes. At least with eyelash extensions, it’s less overwhelming, requires less overall work, and lasts much longer. Of course, the price is much higher. But it all comes down to what works best for you.

I personally love mascara, and am happy to just stick with that for now. Are you? Or have you gone to the other end and checked out local salons that do eyelash extensions? Either way, flutter those lashes and let the party start.

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  1. Lash extensions just seem like a lot of money for something that won’t last. But then, I suck at wearing falsies too, I think my eyes must be weirdly shaped because they never stick properly on one side.

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