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I love little nail polish sets, for a couple reasons. The first is that mini nail polish bottles are adorable. The second is the size is usually practical, I mean really, how many people actually finish a bottle of nail polish? The third is that you know the colours in a set will work together. And the fourth is that they make great gifts. The Avon Mark Totally Nailed It set hits all the reasons for me.

Avon Mark Totally Nailed It set

The Avon Mark Totally Nailed It set contains 4 mini polishes, and they all have names! I appreciate that like you wouldn’t believe.

The base coat is called First Base. I’m not really a big base coat user, but it applied smoothly, was almost completely colourless, and dried very quickly.

The two colour polishes are Silver Swoon and Foiled Again. Both are metallic polishes.

The topcoat is called Party on Top, and while it’s not listed as a quick dry topcoat, it definitely dried very quickly. It adds a nice shine, and doesn’t smear stamping.

Avon Mark Totally Nailed It stamped look

I decided against just swatching the polishes, I wanted to test (and hopefully show off) their stamping ability. Metallic polishes usually stamp really well, and this little set met that expectation.

Avon Mark Totally Nailed It set and BPL-027 stamping plate

I started with a coat of First Base, and then did base colour coats using Avon Gel Finish in Iceberg White and Inked Up. I wasn’t sure if the metallics would look better over white or dark, so as I usually do when faced with a nail art decision, I did both.

I then used Silver Swoon and Foiled Again to stamp a two-toned look using a pattern from the BPL-027 plate from BornPretty. The pattern reminded me of the metallic temporary tattoos that popped up everywhere this past summer, so it seemed like the perfect pattern for these polishes.

Avon Mark Totally Nailed It stamped look

As you can see, the stamping turned out awesome. I was expecting to like the look over the dark blue the best, but I think I prefer it over white. It really makes the silver and gold pop. Which do you prefer?

PR sample provided for review.

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  1. oooh I will have to try stamping with them! I really like it over the white too

  2. I love using metallics for stamping. These look like they worked great for that, and I prefer them over white too. 🙂

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