Nov 022016

Now that it’s officially November, it’s time to start thinking about winter skincare. To me, that means comfy scents and super hydrating products. It also means holiday gift sets are popping up everywhere.

Mary Kay Be Delighted Body Mousse and Body Wash and Shimmer Mist

This offering from Mary Kay actually arrived in October (hence the #ChristmasinOctober blanket the products are sitting on), but it’s definitely worth talking about.

Shown is the Mary Kay Be Delighted Body Mousse and Body Wash Gift Set, along with the matching Be Delighted Shimmer Mist.

Mary Kay Be Delighted Body Mousse and Body Wash and Shimmer Mist

The scent of these products is light and slightly floral and fruity. It’s described as having notes of Fuji Apple, Raspberry Chiffon, and Tonka Bean. I had to Google to see what a Tonka Bean is, and apparently it’s sometimes used in perfume as a vanilla substitute. The overall scent is something I like, but it seems more summer than winter.

I had an issue with the body wash, but I’m hoping it’s just my tube. I found it incredibly thick, to the point that it’s hard to get out of the tube. It’s so thick that it’s almost solid, rather than a liquid or cream. That makes it hard to lather and enjoy.

Mary Kay Be Delighted Body Mousse and Body Wash and Shimmer Mist

The body mousse is quite nice. It’s very thick, and very hydrating. The texture matches my idea of a mousse: it’s thicker than a lotion, but slightly lighter than a body butter. It spreads well and sinks in incredibly fast. It also passes the door knob test with flying colours (meaning I can apply, and then immediately open the door, with no slipping on the knob because my hands are greasy).

The shimmer mist is exactly what it sounds like. It applies a thin layer of micro glitter to your skin, while also acting like a light perfume. Shine bright like a diamond at all your holiday parties! Or at home while in your pjs, I don’t judge.

Overall, I like the scent of all three products, and they make a nice set when grouped together. I do appreciate that the shimmer mist is sold separately as not everyone wants to be covered in glitter all the time. Mary Kay products aren’t the most inexpensive to buy, but they do tend to give a luxury feel that makes the price feel worth it.

PR samples received for review.

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  2. I am in love with this product. But it is now not available. I have a difficult time finding a scent and texture that I really like. Of course, i find it and now it’s not available. The Mary Kay rep told me she had another scent I could try. I thanked her and felt I don’t want to try something else that isn’t going to be available. Lol

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