Nov 202016

It feels like it’s been raining for 3 weeks with no break, which means it must be late November, which means it’s time for my Amoda Tea unboxing.

Amoda Tea November 2016

This month, there was a spoiler that told us the teas were inspired by the owner’s recent trip to Japan. I immediately started thinking green tea, so I’m not surprised that the teas this month mostly follow this theme.

White Berry – white tea with peony, cornflowers and rosehip
This sounds like a very delicate tea that should be served in thin porcelain cups while dressed in fancy clothes. I’ll have to use my imagination as I make it in my heavy coffee cup while wearing my pjs.

Class Matcha Special Edition – matcha powder
I may or may not still have the last matcha sample I received, unopened in my tea giveaway pile. I just don’t care for matcha, it tastes like seaweed to me.

Gyokuro Kuki Hoji – roasted Japanese green tea
When I think of roasted flavours, I think deep and earthy, so I’m looking forward to trying this, especially since the insert describes it as “uniquely sweet”.

Yomogi – sencha and black tea with lavender
This is the only tea of the box that I’ve already tried so far, and I enjoyed it. This has a mostly sencha taste that is light and soothing, but with a slight black tea undertone. It’s a multi-steep tea, and the 2nd and 3rd steeps got progressively deeper and richer, but still stayed on the light side. This made for a very relaxing evening drink, and I never tasted the lavender at all (which is good, since it’s not a taste I like).

Amoda Tea November 2016

It’s easy to see how a trip to Japan influenced this box, and yet there is still a good assortment of flavours and tea choices. It’s this type of careful curation that makes me really enjoy being a subscriber.

Amoda Tea November 2016

Amoda Tea does a regular monthly contest on their Instagram: follow @amodatea on Instagram and tag @amodatea #amodatea in your tea photos for a chance to win 2 of your favourite monthly box teas.

If you need some suggestions of Amoda Teas to try, you can check out the offerings on their website (the tasting box is $18 per month with free shipping), or read my past monthly reviews (going back to March 2015).

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  1. i have never tried a black tea with lavender so this is quite interesting ! I love the diversity of this box products 🙂

    Claire From

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