Dec 232016

I’ve been having a very relaxing week for the holidays, which meant no posting. I didn’t want to let the whole week go by with nothing, so I thought I’d share the new “thing” I’ve been trying. I’ve done a few Facebook Live videos of me applying my makeup!

It’s actually a lot of fun! I like doing videos, but my phone never has enough space to do them, so Facebook Live is a great alternative.

I think I’ve figured out the camera/mirror situation, which is one of the trickiest parts, since I need to be able to see to actually do my makeup. I need to remember to turn my phone sideways next time, but there will definitely be a next time!

Here are the first two looks, and videos, that I did:

Dec 19 LOTD - Facebook Live using Sephora Collection

Dec 21 LOTD - Facebook Live using Mary Kay, Annabelle

Do you like the idea of Facebook Live makeup looks? Is there any look you want me to attempt in particular?

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