Dec 092016

Have you ever looked at larger palettes that have both eye and face products and wondered if they were worth getting? They look like a great way to either start a makeup collection, or reduce one to only a few products. The Avon Makeup Artist Palette is one such product.

Avon Makeup Artist Palette

With a simplistic black exterior, the Avon Makeup Artist Palette hides a lot inside. It’s a double sided product, with eyeshadow on one side, and face/cheek/lip products on the other. It’s a good size, not too large to store, yet large enough that the products can be accessed with ease.

Avon Makeup Artist Palette

Just look at all that product! There are 30 (!) eyeshadows in a wide range of shades and finishes, 5 lip products, and 6 face/cheek products. They even managed to fit in a good sized mirror. All the products come covered in plastic sheets that have colour names on the them. The plastic has a sticky edge, so you can keep the products covered if you choose. This is a nice feature as I typically hate palettes that have both powder and lip products as everything seems to get messy.

Avon Makeup Artist Palette swatches - eyeshadow

Look at all those swatches! So many eyeshadows. There is almost a complete rainbow here, definitely enough for most makeup users. The performance of the shadows is really mixed though. Some are good, especially the metallic ones, but most need primer to be worth using.

Avon Makeup Artist Palette swatches - face and lips

When it comes to the face/cheek products, I was quite impressed. There are 3 blush options, 2 contour/bronzer shades and a highlighter. All were soft and had good pigmentation.

The lip products were more gloss than solid colour. There is a nice range, and all are comfortable to wear, without any stickiness.

Nov 11 LOTD featuring Avon products

Nov 14 LOTD featuring Avon products

Only 2 makeup-of-the-day collages, but I’ve used the palette a few more times than that (just forgot to photograph), and while the shadows aren’t consistent and don’t match the quality of some other palettes I have, this is a good starter palette with a lot of options to play with.

PR sample provided for review.

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