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Do you own multiple earphones for all your electronic devices? Either because you lose or break the original ones, or you want an upgrade in look and function? Whatever your reason, Sudio Sweden offers some gorgeous earphone options (note: all links in this post are shortened to allow tracking, but all point to

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla earphones

I was given the option to try out a pair of Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla earphones. They have a variety of colours available, but I went with classic white. The Vasa Bla earphones are a Bluetooth wireless set with built-in microphone.

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla earphones

They come packaged in a thick cardboard box that opens to reveal all the pieces packaged individually in plastic and cardboard sleeves. It’s all very secure and protected. Once you remove all the packaging, there are the actual headphones, several sets of ear coverings in 4 different sizes, a leather carrying case, a charging cord and instructions.

Fun and convenient fact: the earphones come fully charged! That’s right, I was able to pair these easily and started using them right away.

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla earphones

I was unsure whether I’d like them as my ears are apparently shaped slightly odd as I find most earphones hurt my ears when wearing them (looking at you oval-ish iPhone buds). These were comfortable to wear, but they do block out all other sound, which left me hearing myself breathing inside my head. It’s a weird feeling that I’m not used to. You do have to wear them fully inserted, otherwise they tend to fall out (but that might just be my ear shape), so I wasn’t even able to “break the seal” on the noise blocking.

The sound quality is amazing, better than my iPhone earphones, that’s for sure. I haven’t actually tested the microphone yet since I find it very disorienting to talk with these fully inserted (due to the way my voice echos in my head).

My only complaint is that I do wish the cord was a touch longer. It feels like it’s short enough that it’s pulling on the earphones. If I turn my head, the earphones tend to get pulled out, which I feel wouldn’t happen with a slightly longer cord.

Overall, I’m very impressed with these Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla earphones. Enough that I won’t let my husband try them because I know he’ll steal them if he does.

If you’d like to buy a pair yourself, Sudio Sweden always offers tax-free purchases and fast, free worldwide delivery (seriously, it took less than a week to receive mine from Estonia to BC, Canada), and even better, I have an exclusive 15% off discount code for you to use: workadaybeauty

Let me know if you try these, and what you think. Any suggestions on getting used to the noise cancelling, hear-myself-breath quality?

PR sample provided for review.

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