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Looking back at 2016 Workaday Beauty

A new year means at least one look back at 2016. Last year was a great year for Workaday Beauty, and I wanted to share some highlights with you.


Workaday Beauty turned 3 in July 2016. I didn’t celebrate it at the time, I actually completed missed when it happened, but it’s pretty awesome. In the world of beauty blogs, that makes this blog an old timer.


Bloggers tend to be secretive about their traffic, but I’m not. I don’t have anything to be ashamed, or nervous about, so here’s a snapshot of my Google Analytics for the year. It shows Sessions and Users (Unique Monthly Visitors).

2016 traffic for Workaday Beauty

I’m celebrating because I finally cracked the “magic” 5,000 UMV barrier in December! That has been my goal all year, and I finally did it! Although constant traffic growth is always a goal, I’m happy that my traffic has remained mostly consistent during the year, without any major dips. That’s always a good sign.

So where does this traffic come from?
2016 traffic source for Workaday Beauty
Mostly search engines. By a lot!

That’s good news for me because that means I’d doing something right when it comes to SEO. I don’t go out of my way to do anything special, but one thing I always do is use good names for my photos. I try to always put the full product name in the photo name, which makes a big difference for searching.

Top Posts

What’s a look back without identifying the most popular posts? The funny thing is, when I look at the top 10 posts for traffic in 2016, only 4 of them were actually written in 2016!

  1.  Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip – The top post for 2016 traffic was actually posted in Sept 2015! Sephora sets are always fun to try, and fun to review.
  2. Jerome Russell Punky Colour in Plum – This post is from 2014! This is actually good news as I plan to dye my bangs pink again, and while I didn’t blog about it last year, this just shows that I really should blog about it this year.
  3. Sephora Collection Color Wonderland palette – the Colour Side – This made sense to me as this palette was released for Christmas last year, and then they quietly released it again this year. Apparently I should have showcased the neutral side too, which is something I never got around to doing.
  4. Mary Kay Perfecting Concealers and Undereye Corrector – Mary Kay products always make for good search traffic, and this is the top one for 2016, and is the only 2016 post in the top five. This product was released in the summer, and is one that I really love.
  5. Essence Longlasting Lipstick – This is another 2014 post, and has consistently topped my popular post lists since it went live. Essence lipsticks are super affordable, so I should pick up some of the current offerings and do an updated version.

So there are my top 5 posts of the years. Any surprises? You bet! I’m always surprised at how popular older posts are, but it makes sense when you think about how search traffic works. Reviewing the latest products, especially limited edition items, is fun and good for immediate traffic, but permanent products have the potential to generate long term interest.

Looking Forward

An important part of looking back is to also look forward. So what’s coming in 2017 for Workaday Beauty?

I don’t usually set specific goals or targets as I view my beauty blog as my hobby, something that gives me joy, and making it too regimented takes a lot of the fun out of it. But there are a few things I’d love to do and accomplish:

  1. Maintain 5,000 UMV. Yup, now that I reached the magic number, I want to maintain it.
  2. Maintain a regular posting schedule. In 2016, I moved to mostly posting Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and it’s a schedule that works well for me. I try to do a nail post, makeup (swatch/review/round-up) and other (skincare/tea/other product) every week, which is a nice balance and mix.
  3. Grow PR relationships. Beauty PR can be so fickle. One month you’ve got a great relationship with a company, and the next month there is staff turnover and no one responds to your emails. I have some really wonderful relationships with a few companies, and I want to improve them, as well as make a few new ones. That can only mean good things for the blog.
  4. Explore Facebook Live and YouTube videos. Hey, remember when I started a YouTube channel but then let it become abandoned because there was never room on my phone to take video? Yeah, that was sad. But Facebook Live means I don’t need room on my phone to film, and I’ve started playing with it a bit these last few weeks. I’m having fun, and want to play with it more this year.
  5. Improve photo skills. This is always on my list. I think I’ve come a long way in 2016, but there is always room to grow and improve. Could 2017 be the year I buy a lightbox, or a “real” camera? Maybe.

Sounds like a good list? I’m happy with it. Let’s see what 2017 brings!

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  1. Woo! Congrats on reaching 5K UMVs!!! I’m still a bit away from that, but since I’m dropping to 2 posts a week for now I doubt I’ll reach it any time soon, but that’s ok.
    It’s always fun to look at stats at the end of the year. My top posts are always from past years as well and is usually all KBeauty stuff.
    I’ve watched your FB Live videos and love them! It’s always fun to see how others apply their makeup, and I always end up picking up a trick or two.

    • Thanks! I’m so excited to final reach the “magic” number. I’m sure if you posted more KBeauty stuff you’d reach it in no time.

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