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A lot of beauty bloggers I know really love Paula’s Choice skincare, so when I had the chance to sample the Resist Anti-Aging Trial Kit, I was excited. I wanted to be part of the brand fan club.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Trial Kit

The Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Trial Kit is for normal to oily skin, and contains Cleanser, Daily Exfoliant, Daytime Moisturizer with SPF, and Nighttime Moisturizer. It’s meant to last 2-weeks, which is a good length of time to get an idea of whether you like a product or not.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Trial Kit

Unfortunately, I overall didn’t like the products. While I have always identified my skin as combination, I am finding that more and more it reacts best to moisturizing products, and I think I’m going to have to start picking normal to dry products consistently.

The cleanser is a cream to foam formula, and is gentle, yet also slightly drying.

The daily exfoliant is more like a toner with 2% BHA. I found it very drying, like itchy dry after I used it.

Both the day and night creams were okay, but they were both quite light, and neither seemed to replenish the moisture that the cleanser and toner stripped out. Even when I didn’t use the exfoliant, the creams still didn’t seem quite hydrating enough.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Trial Kit

Overall, I’m sad that I didn’t love, or even like the products. I am glad that they helped me see that I need to start thinking of my skin in a different light, which can only be beneficial down the road.

PR samples received for review.

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  1. It’s too bad that your intro to the brand wasn’t a good one. I found the daytime moisturizer too light for me so I used the night one both day and night, and added the SPF on top for the day.
    I do find that overall products that are geared towards combo (which is what I have) and oily skin are too drying for me. I’ve been using lots of oils lately and my face has been feeling wonderful – the softest it has in a long time!

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