Jan 112017

Can you believe that I bought the super colourful Urban Decay Electric palette months ago and never shared it on the blog? Bad beauty blogger.

But I’m rectifying that today with this bright and fun post.

Urban Decay Electric palette

From the outside plastic packaging with bright colour splashes over a black background, it’s easy to see this palette stands out. It’s a little thicker than most palettes.

Urban Decay Electric palette

Opening the palette reveals a shock of bright colours. With a mix of mattes and shimmers, all in super vibrant shades, this is palette meant for rainbow lovers.

Although it’s not in rainbow order. I don’t actually understand the order of the shades at all, but it doesn’t negate the impact of the palette.

Urban Decay Electric palette swatches

Swatched, it’s apparent that while the shimmer shades are good across the board, the matte shades need primer to be opaque and vibrant. On their own, they tend to be patchy. I do love the overall range and shades though.

The Urban Decay Electric palette is a pressed pigment palette, not a traditional eyeshadow palette for one specific reason: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban contain a colorant that is not approved for the eye area in the US, Canada and Brazil. So if you use them on your eyes, beware of possible irritation.

I personally think it’s a little shady and underhanded to package unapproved pigments into what clearly looks like an eyeshadow palette. It was obviously done on purpose this way, so just be careful if you have sensitive eyes. Lucky for me, I don’t have sensitive eyes and plan to enjoy all the vibrant colours.

Dec 28 LOTD - Urban Decay Electric palette

Jan 6 LOTD Urban Decay Electric palette

Jan 8 Urban Decay Electric palette

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  1. Love that first rainbow look! This palette is hands down the one I reach for the most when it comes to neon/bright shadows when I know I want to be loud. I wish they’d made more varieties of it, but I realize probably not that many people actually buy this. And the After Dark palette doesn’t count cuz it’s all jewel tones. 🙁

    • Thanks! This palette is definitely bright. I’d love more variations of it too. I’m sure there are other colour lovers who would use it too.

  2. Thank you for letting me know about the unapproved colorant. How can they sell this in Canada and the US if this is the case. I have this palette so I’m gonna have a look at which colors these are right now. I love love love your rainbow eyes. You totally rock it!

    • They can sell it because they don’t call it eyeshadow, they call it pigment, and they put a warning right on the case. But it’s still a little underhanded. It certainly looks like an eyeshadow.

  3. All I can say is WOW. I’m a little put off by Urban Decay because of this.

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