Feb 272017

We’re so close to March! Which means spring! We had a dusting of snow yesterday, so I’m ready for spring nails. The Mary Kay spring 2017 collection of nail polish is very fitting, and inspired me to do a dotted look.

Mary Kay in New Blue swatch

First, a swatch of my chosen base colour. This is New Blue, which is a super pretty Tiffany Blue shade. This shade screams spring, and has a super smooth creamy finish in 2 coats.

Mary Kay in Vivid Sunburst, Brilliant Violet, Luminous Mauve and New Blue

Mary Kay in Vivid Sunburst, Brilliant Violet, Luminous Mauve and New Blue

The collection itself contains 4 shades, all cream shades that look soft in the bottle. There is Vivid Sunburst (bright orange), Brilliant Violet (medium purple), Luminous Mauve (light purple) and New Blue (Tiffany blue).

Spring Confetti nails with Mary Kay

The three non-blue shades looked very coordinating, which inspired me to consider a gradient, but then I realized I haven’t done anything dotted for a while, and since that’s my favourite nail art technique, I felt I had to go in that direction.

I used three different dotting tool sizes to layer Vivid Sunburst, Brilliant Violet, and Luminous Mauve over my base colour. Simple and quick, but oh so pretty.

Spring Confetti nails with Mary Kay

I was surprised at the how dark Vivid Sunburst and Brilliant Violet turned out to be on my nail. In the bottle they look quite soft and pastel-y, but they are both bright and saturated on the nail.

Spring Confetti nails with Mary Kay

Overall, I love this look. It fits the spring colours I want, and dots always make me happy.

Do you have a nail art technique that you love best?

PR samples provided for review.

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  1. LOVE that blue! Also love how the dotting turned out, such a fun mani!

  2. I’ve been really, really loving this MK launch. It was so unexpected too – I think I was worried I’d get really muted shades of pink or something. But NOPE! These are glorious!

  3. Oh, I sure love how these shades work together! It looks stunning! Well done.

  4. Beautiful colors! I like that design but I would choose Luminous Mauve for the base coat. Or maybe just on one nail, as an accent

  5. I am a fan of dotting design but I never wear such a beautiful blue.

  6. The photo of the spoon is really beautiful- I look forward to looking at your photos Thanks a lot for sharing. http://bestrotimakers.com/best-tortilla-maker/

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