Mar 062017

I really, really want it to be spring, but we keep having cold spells, and even snow. I’m getting very sick of it, so I’m bringing some spring colours to my sweaters.

Spring Sweater Nails with Born Pretty

Using a white base, I went for a sweater pattern, but tried to “spring” it up by using a bright magenta and a chocolate brown.

Avon in Iceberg White and Born Pretty Stamping polish in chocolate and magenta and BPL-027

Avon in Iceberg White and Born Pretty Stamping polish in chocolate and magenta and BPL-027 stamping plate

My base colour is my favourite white base: 1 coat of Avon in Iceberg White. Always perfect, always easy to use.

Spring Sweater Nails with Born Pretty

Over this I stamped a sweater pattern from the BPL-027 stamping plate using two unnamed Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polishes, a chocolate brown and magenta purple. Since these are specifically for stamping, they are slightly thicker than normal polish, and very pigmented. They stamp really easily.

Spring Sweater Nails with Born Pretty

I really like the end result, even though I really didn’t get my lines straight. The good thing is they are wavy on all fingers, so it’s almost like I did it on purpose.

Spring Sweater Nails with Born Pretty

Side note: aren’t the rings in my photos cool? I’ve seen them on other blogs, and decided to pick some up to use myself. I don’t think they’d be comfortable to wear all the time, but they really add an extra pop to photos!

Additional side note: If you’re wondering about the horrible state of the magenta bottle, let me tell you the story. There was a slight issue during shipping, and it leaked everywhere. But amazingly, the cap still opens and closes fine, and there’s still lots of polish in the bottle. And the packaging was really well done, so the polish only got on the one bottle. So it’s all good, but I can’t be bothered to try to clean up the bottle, so it’s pretty ugly in photos.

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