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With all the spring makeup collections popping up everywhere, it’s a sure sign that spring is almost here, no matter what the weather is doing outside. One of the first collections that arrived on my doorstep was the Mary Kay Spring 2017 Collection, and I’m excited to share it with you today.

Mary Kay Spring 2017 Collection

This collection has two eyeshadow palettes in light and bright colours, as well as a trio of glossy lip oils. When I first saw those, I questioned what that actually means, and how they are different from regular lipgloss.

Mary Kay Spring 2017 eye color palettes

Let’s look at the eyeshadow first. The palettes are Sunlight (a quad of light warm pastel shades) and Glistening Horizon (a quad of bright cool pastel shades). These palettes see a return of the minimal packaging that I personally love. The packaging is plastic that opens and closes securely, with a translucent front, and is just barely bigger than the actual palette, which makes them easy to store.

Mary Kay Eye Color Palette in Sunlight swatch

Looking at Sunlight, this is a soft and warm collection of pastel shades, that actually have pigmentation! That doesn’t even need primer. That’s pretty awesome. The colour choices scream spring, and coordinate well together.

Mary Kay Eye Color Palette in Glistening Horizon swatch

Glistening Horizon features colours that I personally love (blues and purples) but the pigmentation isn’t great. The shades are rather patchy, and need lots of layering, even over primer. The performance is disappointing, even if the colour selection is great.

Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oil

Getting to the Glossy Lip Oils, there are 3 shades: Sheer Pink (baby pink), Brilliant Violet (mauve pink) and Magenta Ray (medium pink). They come in tubes with a fuzzy tip applicator.

Mary Kay Glossy Lip Oil swatches

Swatched, these have decent pigmentation. I’m not really a fan of Sheer Pink, it’s really pale and strips the colour from my lips, but the other two are really nice. Brilliant Violet adds a slight purple sheen, while Magenta Ray is a soft but bright pink.

How are these different from regular lipgloss? They are super hydrating and comfortable. It’s like wearing tinted lip balm, but with a touch more gloss, and in a classier applicator. I’m a surprise fan of these.

Feb 2 LOTD - Mary Kay spring 2017

Feb 7 LOTD - Mary Kay spring 2017

Feb 8 LOTD - Mary Kay spring 2017

PR samples received for review.

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  1. They look gorgeous!! I just moved to Toronto from Europe & it’s fun to discover amazing Canadian beauty bloggers!

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