Dec 062015
Monthly Empties: November 2015

Another month done, and so it’s time to check out the empties bucket. The bucket seemed to be empty for the first half of the month. I was starting to get a bit worried that I wouldn’t finish anything, but then it started to fill up fast. Overall, there was quite a bit that ended […]

Nov 072015
Monthly Empties: October 2015

I almost forgot all about posting my empties, but I remembered now, so I do want to share. The basket looks like it has quite a few items, but that’s mostly due to the larger size of body products. Spread out, I have a few items in several different categories. For hair and body, I […]

Oct 052015
Monthly Empties: September 2015

I really didn’t mean to take a week break, but I hurt my shoulder when I grabbed the railing to stop myself from falling down the stairs last Monday, and it resulted in a lot of downtime last week. I’m starting to feel better, and so now I can get to the posts I had […]

Aug 022015
Monthly Empties: June and July 2015

I didn’t post my empties for June since I was away on vacation at the time, but I saved everything to combine into this month’s post. As a result, it seems like I have a ton of empties to share. See? So many products, starting with 3 sets of shampoo and conditioner. I really loved […]

Jun 022015
Monthly Empties: May 2015

I feel very behind in blogging right now because I went away for the weekend and didn’t schedule this post for yesterday. I’m not actually “late” with anything, but that doesn’t stop the feeling. My empties bucket is pretty full this month. There are several products in it that I really loved, so I’m rather […]

Apr 302015
Monthly Empties: April 2015

This month, my empties bucket seems very empty. I did manage to finish some products, but not as many as most months. First up, some body products. I finished a homemade suger scrub I received for Christmas. It was wonderfully exfoliating. I also finished my Mary Kay vanilla berry hand cream, and it makes me […]

Mar 312015
Monthly Empties: March 2015

It’s the last day of the month, so you know what that means. I pull out my empties bucket and see what I finished this month. My bucket is looking pretty full this month. For some reason, I’m always surprised by how much is in the bucket every month. It doesn’t feel like I finish […]