Jan 042017
2016 in Review: Looking Back at the Blog

A new year means at least one look back at 2016. Last year was a great year for Workaday Beauty, and I wanted to share some highlights with you. Age Workaday Beauty turned 3 in July 2016. I didn’t celebrate it at the time, I actually completed missed when it happened, but it’s pretty awesome. […]

Dec 282016
Unboxing: Amoda Tea December 2016

Can you believe that it’s already the end of December? My Amoda Tea box for December took a long time to arrive (darn all the mail!) but it’s here finally. Just in time too! This box is all about holiday teas, which is obviously fitting. Mandarin Spice – black and oolong tea with orange and […]

Jan 152016
Review: Lipidol Face Oils

I’m late to the oil cleansing/face oil party. But better late than never, right? When two Lipidol face oil products appeared in my mail, I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. I received the Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil (blue) and the Overnight Face Oil (yellow). Available for $8.97 each at Walmart, […]

Nov 112015
Remembrance Day Thank You

Today’s post is different from normal. There’s no beauty, no makeup, no nail art. Instead, I wanted to take a solemn moment for Remembrance Day and say thank you to all the military service men and women for everything they do. Military life is very close to me. My mom’s second husband was in the […]

Jun 222015
What's in my Suitcase - June 2015

When you read this, I’ll already be well into my Ontario vacation. In fact, my product selection listed below has probably already grown due to the CBB meet-up yesterday, but I still wanted to share what I put in my suitcase for travelling with. Last time I went to Ontario, I had a hard time […]

Jan 142015
Life Update: Migraines

I feel like I’ve totally been failing at my goal to post regularly. But I have a good reason: migraines. Migraines are such a pain. Not just a serious literal pain, but also a pain in that they mess up routines. After effects can last a day or two and totally drain me of energy […]

Jan 072015
What I'm Watching

I don’t watch much television. I’m much more likely to be reading a book. But sometimes I want to disengage my mind and watch something. That’s when I’m super happy we have a PVR and cable and Netflix. So what do I like to watch? Cooking shows! I am all about the cooking shows. Which […]