Dec 092015
Review: Soufeel Christmas Charm Bracelet

Are you buying presents for someone who enjoys jewelry? If so, you might want to check out the bracelet options from Soufeel. Comparable, and compatible, with Pandora and Chamilia, Soufeel has quite a few bracelets and charms that are perfect for the holiday season, and beyond. I really liked the charm bracelet that I received […]

Jul 242015
Review: Baby Foot

Have you ever wanted to try a product that sounds kind of gross, but also intriguing? That’s why I tried Baby Foot, which is a foot mask that is supposed to make the skin on your feet peel to get to smooth soft feet. Don’t worry though, there are no pictures of my feet in […]

Apr 152015
Review: Soufeel Silver Charm Bracelet

I don’t wear much jewelry, mostly my white gold puzzle ring, white gold hoop earrrings, silver necklace, and do you detect a theme yet? I’m a white gold/silver person, and I like simple yet elegant looking jewelry. I was recently offered the opportunity to receive a Soufeel Silver Charm Bracelet, and with their many options, […]

Apr 042015
Review: Born Pretty 10 Piece Brush Set

Makeup brushes can make a world of difference when applying products. But do you only get what you pay for? Like most other products, I don’t believe so. Sometimes, there are great deals to be found. And I think the Born Pretty 10 Piece Brush Set (item #15455) is one of those steals. I was […]

Jan 212015
Guest Post: Carmen's Beauty Resolutions for 2015

Hi everyone! My name is Carmen, over at and I am very happy to be doing a guest post on Sarah’s blog! It is nice to meet everyone and I hope that you enjoy this fun little post on beauty resolutions! On the topic of beauty resolutions, there were quite a lot of resolutions […]