Sep 092016
Review: FaceOff Cloth

Do you dread taking off your makeup? Or even forgot because it’s too much hassle to use several cleaning products? Tsk tsk. You should never skip removing your makeup. But anyway, I have a product today that may interest you as it’s a one item product to remove all your makeup, and you only need […]

Jan 062016
Review: Schaf Skincare Scrub, Moisturizer and Eye Cream

Have you heard of Schaf Skincare before? They’re a natural and organic skincare line that uses the tagline “Practice Safe Skincare”. Their product line is very small, just 5 products, and I have 3 here today. The White Lava Purifying Scrub is made with biodegradable lava and apricot powder in a foaming cleanser base. At […]

Mar 252015
Guest Post: Nabihah talks Green Products

Hi Readers of Workaday Ramblings! Nabihah here from The Sunday Wardrobe – in honour of St. Patrick’s day, I’m talking all things green though this has a little twist to it: I tend to shy away from green coloured make up and so this will be reviews on environmentally friendly and natural (or Green) products […]