Mar 152016
Review: Lise Watier Hydraforce Hydra-protective Comforting Creme

I love trying new skincare, and when I was offered the new Lise Watier Hydraforce Hydra-protective Comforting Creme, which is being marketed as “the new Canadian line of weatherproof moisturizers”, I was excited to try it. When I received the Lise Watier Hydraforce Hydra-protective Comforting Creme, it came with a little device that attaches to […]

Feb 172016
Review: Vichy Ideal Body Balm

Did you know Vichy makes body products? I didn’t. I thought they made face products only, but I was wrong. The Ideal Body line features several moisturizer options, and today I have the Ideal Body Balm, which I would call a body butter. The Ideal Body Balm combines a bunch of face care ingredients with […]

Jan 292016
Review: Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin

For my last January Skincare post, I’m talking about the Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin. It’s seems like a regular lotion, but you apply it differently, and it works. Instead of towelling off and then applying the lotion, this lotion is applied while your skin is still wet. So turn off your shower, apply the […]

Jan 272016
Desk Drawer Round-up: My Daily Moisturizing Products

I work at a desk all day. Like most office workers, I keep a selection of moisturizing products in my desk drawer where I can easily grab and use them throughout the day. So what’s in my drawer? A whole lot of stuff. You have the usual cuticle pusher, nail files and bobby pins. But […]

Jan 062016
Review: Schaf Skincare Scrub, Moisturizer and Eye Cream

Have you heard of Schaf Skincare before? They’re a natural and organic skincare line that uses the tagline “Practice Safe Skincare”. Their product line is very small, just 5 products, and I have 3 here today. The White Lava Purifying Scrub is made with biodegradable lava and apricot powder in a foaming cleanser base. At […]