Jun 132016
Letter E nail art: Formula X in Extraordinary, Mary Kay in Exotic Orchid, and Joe Fresh in Eggplant

Would it surprise you to hear that my favourite colour is purple? I’m guessing probably not. I try to showcase lots of colours here, but knowing that I’m always drawn to purple means I probably use products in that range more. Why am I mentioning this? Because my letter E nail art is mostly purple […]

May 302016
Letter D nail art: Essence in  Do You Speak Love, Date in the Moonlight and Gosh in Drizzle

While choosing the nail polishes I wanted to use in order to create D nail art, I came up with two trios: one with classic colours, and one with a more unusual combination. I decided to go with the unique trio. Not only did I choose 3 shades that I wouldn’t immediately put together, I […]

May 162016
Letter C nail art: Essie in Cashmere Bathrobe, Chinchilly and Quo by Orly in Clean Sweep

I have more alphabet nail art, and today is brought to you by the letter C. I know that while we’ve been enjoying summer weather here in BC, some of the country hasn’t quite had spring yet, so I went with a slightly wintery, slightly sad look to commiserate with them. Okay, not really wintery […]