Feb 172017
Unboxing: Amoda Tea February 2017

It’s mid-February now, and this month has been crazy for weather! We got a dump of snow last week, which is highly unusual, and threw everything off. But it’s gone this week as we had a few days of warmer weather and lots of rain, so things are getting back to normal. And part of […]

Jan 202017
Unboxing: Amoda Tea January 2017

Can you believe it’s already the 3rd week of January? It seems like time flies by so fast when you’re an adult. But one good thing about time passing quickly is that fun deliveries arrive faster. And that means it’s time for my first Amoda Tea unboxing of 2017. The teas this month are: Alishan […]

Dec 282016
Unboxing: Amoda Tea December 2016

Can you believe that it’s already the end of December? My Amoda Tea box for December took a long time to arrive (darn all the mail!) but it’s here finally. Just in time too! This box is all about holiday teas, which is obviously fitting. Mandarin Spice – black and oolong tea with orange and […]

Nov 202016
Unboxing: Amoda Tea November 2016

It feels like it’s been raining for 3 weeks with no break, which means it must be late November, which means it’s time for my Amoda Tea unboxing. This month, there was a spoiler that told us the teas were inspired by the owner’s recent trip to Japan. I immediately started thinking green tea, so […]

Oct 192016
Unboxing: Amoda Tea October 2016

It’s definitely fall, and my October Amoda Tea box arrived filled with fall flavours. It’s all about rich and creamy, deep spices, and mood-boosting. Just what everyone wants for cooler (and for here, wetter) weather. What’s in the box this month? Pacific Coast Lavender – peppermint, lavender and chamomile herbal tea So, peppermint and lavender […]

May 182016
Unboxing: Amoda Tea May 2016 Tasting Box

It’s tea time! Yay! My favourite mail time of the month: Amoda Tea Tasting Box time! This month the teas are about “finding and appreciating the unique qualities in every tea”. That means unusual flavours, processing methods, and preparations. And yes, that means the first iced tea selection has arrived. Summer is here! The teas […]